How to Ensure your HVAC Stays in Good Condition

Air Conditioners require regular maintenance to provide good performance with stable monthly bills. People usually expect it to be in a pristine condition without putting too much thought into maintenance.

Hot days have finally arrived, and now is the time for your HVAC unit to shine and keep the heat at bay. There’s a number of reasons why your unit might lag or perform poorly. I wanted to find out more about how to best take care of AC unit so I talked to  professionals, and here’s what I learned from Howell’s HVAC pros.

Save on BIlls

You always need to think long term. There’s no point operating a neglected unit only to expect it to provide good service. Dirty or broken units will not only fail to cool your home, but will drain more power to achieve a desired temperature.

Being frustrated by bad HVAC is usually accompanied by increased monthly electricity bills. This can be avoided by performing regular checks by a professional.

Healthier Environment

It’s not only excellent performance and low costs that matter, you also need to ensure that the air blown out of your AC unit is not harmful. Dirty and clogged filters cause more trouble than they help.

A unit that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time has stored a lot of dirt, bacteria, mold or any other harmful microorganisms. Directly breathing in that dirty air can cause a number of respiratory problems. To avoid that, you need to clean and replace air filters regularly.

Increased Lifespan

Nobody wants to replace their unit every 5 years or so. To avoid spending a lot of money on a new AC every now and then, you can invest preemptive money to keep your current system in good shape.

Keeping it clean and preventing major breaks will ensure years and years of quality service. Sure, it is easier to get a new unit and just forget having to worry about maintenance, but even the new one requires some love and will also fail if not checked on regularly.

Avoid Sudden Breakdowns

Every machine in your home can break down, no matter how much care you put in keeping it in good shape. However, the more effort you put in you can expect a better service with less chance of breaking down when you need it most.

Regular maintenance plus a thorough check-up before the season of heavy use will identify any potential breaks and tackle them in time. Before the summer kicks in you can schedule a visit from a pro to investigate your unit and find if there are certain dated parts that should be replaced. They can also test your unit, its performance and suggest updates.

This way you can rest assured your home will be cooled properly without having to dread any uncomfortable surprises.

Schedule a Check-up

As I already mentioned in the text, regular maintenance is vital for any AC. The easiest and the most efficient way to ensure good performance with clean air and reasonable electricity costs is to hire a professional to perform check-ups. They have the experience and the tools to give your unit a treatment it deserves.

You can perform these checks a few times a year, depending on the amount of use. It is highly recommended to have someone look at your unit before summer and winter when they are used in high frequency. Having to deal with a broken AC in the middle of July can be stressful, and your budget won’t be happy either.