How To Find A Perfect Mask For Senior Citizens?

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has turned into a pandemic and over a million people have already died of it globally. In such a situation, the World Health Organization has suggested all the countries to follow certain social norms like sanitization, social distancing and wearing face masks at public places. As per the shape and traits of coronavirus, the WHO has suggested the best face masks that can slow down the excessive contamination of the coronavirus.

Senior citizens should be more careful as they are more prone to a fatality after getting affected with coronavirus. You need to consider some key factors when choosing the right mask for citizens. 

Features to look for in a proper senior citizen face mask

There are a few crucial features that you need to check when choosing the right face mask for senior citizens for complete security. They are:

ASTM Standard

ASTM is an international organization that standardizes different medical accessories for global usage. You can thoroughly go through their website to get a clear idea regarding the right face mask for the elderlies which can restrict coronavirus from entering through the nasal or mouth cavity.

To control the high risk of coronavirus contamination, you  must purchase the ASTM standard level 3 masks for senior citizens. Moreover, senior citizen patients of COVID-19 must wear it all the time. According to the ASTM standard, the 3 layered surgical masks and N95 mask provides total security from coronavirus contamination.

High fluid resistance

The coronavirus generally spreads through the droplets from a spreaders’ body. As a result, a face mask must have high resistance to fluids. You should check if the mask has a high fluid resistance. Talk to a medical practitioner to know about the fluid resistance level a senior citizen’s face mask should have.

Senior citizens can only fight coronavirus if it contaminates them in lesser viral loads. The face masks with excellent fluid resistance effectively lessen the virus load. 

Filtration of particles

Although coronavirus rarely contaminates through particles, it can infect the senior citizens with other respiratory diseases. This can dramatically increase their chances of being comorbid on accidental exposure to coronavirus.

When choosing a face mask for a  senior citizen, look for the controlled airflow chamber in it as it helps in easy breathing. The presence of latex aerosol enables the mask to provide controlled yet balanced airflow.   

Excellent materials

Normally, the best face masks are made of cotton. Mostly, the senior citizens should use the ones having a dense cotton stitch. It helps the bearer to breathe easily. Moreover, the N95 masks now come with carbon filters which enhance proper airflow. The elderly people can easily breathe wearing them while staying home or travelling. 

Size and elasticity

Size of the mask is a crucial aspect that you should check when buying it for senior citizens. Generally, the branded face masks come in a standard size that easily fits the human face irrespective of the size and gender of the bearer.

Elasticity is another aspect that you must check when buying a mask for elderly people. Make sure the ear strap fixes properly around the bearer’s ears. Avoid buying face masks with small ear straps with poor elasticity as it can cause persistent pain in the ear. 

At the same time, you must avoid wearing the fashionable masks that are now available in the market as it can lead you to discomfort and provide no real security against the virus. 


A reusable mask is wash proof and you can use it for a longer time. However, it is vital that proper disposal is done if the person is tested COVID positive. In the case of normal senior citizens,  they can use the reusable masks with 3 layered filters available in the market.

However, alternation is necessary as prolonged usage can elevate the chances of contamination. Always remember that the primary surgical masks are not reusable in nature. 


Senior citizens with acute pulmonary disorders must always use masks that have respirators in them. This restricts any airborne particles and microbes to enter the respiratory tract. As a result, the chances of coronavirus attack along with all other microbe contamination falls near zero. 

The main problem which most senior citizens face is weakening of immunity. In such a condition, they should always wear face masks when travelling or visiting any public place. However, very few elderlies users follow this rule. But in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic crisis, every senior citizen is keen to purchase masks and use them while travelling. 

As a senior citizen, you should discuss with your physician regarding the best face mask that can deliver you overall security. Doctors can suggest the right mask according to the WHO guidelines as they have the right knowledge. To buy face masks, you can shop from the eCommerce websites to grab exciting deals.