How to Find the Hidden Creative Genius Inside You

Creativity is the use of imagination and original ideas to create something. From being the top player on internet Bingo games to drawing a portrait in a few minutes, everyone in this world is creative and all have a genius inside them. Creativity is a skill that can be learned by following some rules and daily practice. Here are some tips to unlock your creativity.

Creative space

The space around us or our working environment can either enhance our creativity or diminish it. This is the reason why major companies are featuring places which resemble adult playgrounds. These places boost creativity and encourage people to think more innovatively. There is a misconception among people that in order to come up with a new idea, you should stay in a quiet room. But the noise is not necessarily bad and a moderate level of noise actually facilitates creative thinking. You can generate more correct solutions in moderate noise conditions as compared to really high or really low ones.

A light colour in your room can help in enhancing your creativity. You can also add some Rubik cubes and a moderately warm room temperature will be helpful in solving complex tasks.

 Practice self-compassion

Everyone on earth struggles to create great art and most people begin to judge their work if they’re continuously working on something. You must remember that it’s totally natural to judge your work and it’s natural to feel disappointed that you’re not getting any better at your task. But the key to be successful is not to let your discontent prevent you from continuing to do work.

Studies have shown that people who practice self-compassion tend to experience less depression, increased motivation, more satisfaction and higher life satisfaction. A self-compassionate mindset will be beneficial to the optimal functioning of your body. So, the next time you catch yourself dismissing your creative ideas as not good enough, think whether you would have the same response to your loved ones. If the answer is no, think how would you encourage them in a similar situation and apply that attitude towards your own creative endeavours.

Share your work

“Make stuff you love and talk about stuff you love and you’ll attract people who love that kind of stuff. It’s that simple,” says Austin Kleon, author of Show Your Work. Sharing your work publicly will help you in creating your best work. People will give you feedback on the work which will inspire you to create a better version of it. Although you will have to deal with haters and critics, sharing will help you connect with more like-minded people.

The world needs creative people who can build new things and make life better. What seems simple to you might be extraordinary to someone else. But you’ll never know that unless you choose to share your work with others.

Bring it on!

Vision without execution is just hallucination. If you want to do something, stop planning and just do the work. You may have a great idea but you will have to work hard to bring it to life.