Saturday, October 1 , 2022

How to Fix Cracked Car Leather Seats?

Leather is one of the materials that are eye-catching and durable too. It is therefore used in many instances like in the car seats despite its price. Extra care needs to be taken to the car leather seats to preserve their appearance and make them durable. The leather seats may crack due to the following reasons;

  • Exposure to body oil and dirt. Leather seats should be kept clean and be regularly cleaning using the right procedures.
  • Long exposure to sunlight. This weakens the leather. The remedy for this is to park your car in shady places and tint the windows.
  • Dryness
  • Manufacturer’s error when making it. This will make it not stretch as it should be thus crack.

There are various methods of leather repair that you can do to maintain its good look. Below are some of the methods you are supposed to take when fixing car leather seats;

Clean the leather seat

You have to make sure that the leather seat is clean to fix the cracks on it. Pick the debris on the seat if you are dry-cleaning it. Soapy water, too, can be used along with a lint-free cleaning cloth. For heavily soiled leather, use a coarse scuff pad with a leather cleaner. This will enable you to remove stains and maintain its color. Cleaning will help you notice some of the tiniest cracks available in the seats and make you keen when fixing them so that you don’t leave them out. 

When fixing the cracks in the leather seats, you will use different methods depending on how cracked the car seats are. They may be minor cracks or major ones. 

The Procedure of Fixing Minor Cracks on the Leather Car Seats

Use an enamel paint that resembles the color of the leather seat that is being fixed. This helps you create uniformity in the area of work and the rest part of the seat. Spray the enamel paint on a towel. (Towels made from cotton will work better due to its absorbency). With the towel, make a patch of around 5 cm diameter and rub it off into the leather. At this point, your towel should be well folded in that the paint does not come into direct contact with the leather. 

To the painted part of the towel, pour one tablespoon of lacquer thinner. This agent will bring the color of the paint and thus blend well with the manufacturer’s color. When rubbing the two to mix, make sure that you use long strokes of around 20 to 23 cm to enhance even mixing. Circular motions will leave permanent marks on the leather seats. 

If the cracks are still visible, apply more enamel paint and the lacquer thinner. When the mixture is still wet, apply the second layer of paint to enhance uniformity. Leave it to set for a duration of about 8 to 10 hours.

When the paint dries well, spray a leather conditioner directly. The conditioner will seal the parts entirely and protect them from cracking any time soon. Rub the conditioner using a clean cloth to enhance its absorption.

The Procedure of Fixing Major Cracks on Car Leather Seats

Extended cracks that have overstayed without being fixed tend to tear, and some parts of the leather may fall off. In this case, you need to use a pair of scissors and a pad. Cut the pad into either a square or a rectangle. Ensure that the pad cut is slightly larger than the part being fixed. Apply the leather filler into the rip and let it cure for about one hour. 

Smear it in a way that the backing pad is not visible. On to the right side, apply the leather filler since the cracks now are well visible. Allow it another hour for it to set.  Set your filler at a distance of around 2- 3 cm from your heat gun. Plugin your heat gun and set it at very high temperatures. Move the heat gun above the leather seat for about 7 minutes to ensure even drying. 

If you are to dye, make sure that it is completely dry. Use fine sandpaper and rub it on the dried part. This removes the excess filler that you would have applied, and it makes it even. Apply another filler (using the above process). Spray the seat with leather dye to enhance color. Set and dry the paint using a heat gun.


When using leather seats, extra care is needed to keep and maintain them. They need to be regularly cleaned using the correct procedures, and in case a stain occurs, remove it immediately. To prevent the car leather seats from it cracking, make sure that you park your car in shady places. 

This is because when leather comes into contact with direct sunlight, it starts cracking, and alter its appearance. Make sure that you purchase the right kind of leather for your seats. This is because if you are buying wrongly processed leather, it may end up cracking even before it has served you the right way. Follow the right processes when fixing the cracks on your leather seats.