How to Get Rid of a Car Scratch

There is nothing more frustrating or annoying than finding a scratch on your car that wasn’t there yesterday. It may just be a light scratch, but it could also be a deep scratch. Either way, this problem can be easily repaired without having to take your car to a body shop.

There are three popular ways to get rid of a scratch on your car. You can use toothpaste for small surface scratches, you can use a car scratch removal solution, or you can sand and repaint the spot. After reading this, you will be able to remove any kind of car scratch confidently.

Toothpaste Removal

If you run your fingernail over the scratch and it does not get caught, then the scratch does not go past the surface. For shallow scrapes and scratches, you can use toothpaste to help you remove it.

First, you need to wash the area the best you can. You will not want the toothpaste to rub dirt into the scratch as this could make it worse. 

Take a quarter-sized amount of toothpaste on a slightly damp microfiber towel. Whitening toothpaste will work the best, but any toothpaste you have will do. The microfiber towel is not optional. You need a soft, clean towel to make sure you do not cause more damage in the process.

Rub the toothpaste in, using a circular motion. Push down slightly to buff out the scratches until the toothpaste covers the entire scratch evenly. Rinse off any extra toothpaste after you have finished buffing. You can do this with a hose or a wet microfiber cloth. 

Repeat this process two more times as necessary. If the scratches are still visible after the first application, try doing it one or two more times.

Car Scratch Removal Solution

Start off by washing your car so you have a clean surface to work with. Any dirt on your car when you start can cause a bigger scratch. You can purchase a scratch removal kit at an auto supply store that will include the solution and a buffing pad.

Take the scratch removal pad and apply about a quarter-sized amount of the solution. You could need more or less depending on the size of the scratch. Make sure you distribute the solution evenly on the removal pad before you start.

Work the solution into the scratch using a circular motion. Do not switch directions, only move one way. Continue to work the solution in for a few minutes to ensure it is properly distributed. You will want to apply light pressure as you do this.

Wipe away any excess product with a clean microfiber cloth. You do not want any of the solution dry on your car. You should make sure you read the instructions to make sure you properly remove it.

Sand and Paint

Wash and dry your car. Sand the scratched area gently to strip away the top layers of the paint. You should use a 2000-grit we/dry sandpaper with a sanding pad. Sand only 10 to 15 seconds at a time and check the area before sanding more. 

Rinse and dry the area again to make sure you remove all debris from sanding. Start with some primer, wait five to ten minutes, then add 2 more layers of primer.

Apply some paint that will match the paint of your car. Wait five to ten minutes between each coat. You can check with the manufacturer of your car to get the correct shade of paint. Finish by waxing the area.


If you have a scratch in your car, there is an option for you to fix it no matter how deep the scratch is. This will save you some money and some time from taking it to a body shop.