How to Get the Trusted Furniture Removalists Company You Desire

Complete removals of all types of furniture, furniture, household goods, and moving offices for individuals and companies at the best price.


We are a moving company specialized in all types of transfers of furniture, furniture, and household and office goods fully insured with a leading company such as ALLIANZ. In our company we know that your peace of mind is our duty that is why we take care of your furniture, protect it and take it to its destination with the utmost professionalism. If you need it, you can rent a storage room to leave the furniture.


As a moving company, we carry out all kinds of transfers and transport of furniture, furniture, and belongings between the various dependencies of the same company, as well as between any other dependencies that is needed. As well as any other furniture transfer service that you need to perform in your home or home. Because we know how complicated it can be to make an office transfer, that is why we want to facilitate all the possible work and we put all our tools and qualified professionals and extensive years of experience at your disposal. We also offer an additional service to our removals and transfers for the possibility of renting a storage room in the event that you need to store all the furniture that you do not know where to store.


One of the most requested transfers to our moving company is the complete transfer of offices between the same companies, due in most cases to changes of stays or even definitive changes in location. The services that we currently offer in the transfer and transport of furniture, furniture, and fixtures include the disassembly and assembly of furniture, specialized transfer of computer equipment, packaging material necessary for the transfer, and of course a special service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Year to make your move as uncomfortable as possible. In addition, finally, we offer an additional service of custody of office documentation and subsequent destruction in a landfill, according to the Data Protection Law. Finally, we carry out certified destruction of the requested documentation.


On the contrary, it is possible that you need to carry out the transfer of any type of furniture in your home or home, whether you have to move a sofa or all the furniture in the room, we want to offer you the best solution. Because we know that taking care of your furniture is very important to you, we want to treat it in the same way that you would and that is why we have a team of professionals with extensive years of experience in any type of furniture, furniture, or fixtures transfer. Of home. We all have a special appreciation for our home furnishings and we want them to be treated with care when moving from one place to another. A task that we cannot leave in the hands of just anyone, only suitable transporters who have the ability to disassemble, pack, transport and reassemble our furniture in the chosen place, so that we can find them just as we had imagined. The services that we currently offer in the transfer and transport of furniture, furniture, and household goods include the disassembly and assembly of furniture, transfer, packing material, and necessary boxes.


We offer you a definitive solution to your space problems. Once I have collected all my furniture, now where do I keep all my furniture? It is possible that you have the need to store all those furniture and belongings temporarily, that is, for a limited time somewhere and that is why in our we offer you as an additional service to our removals the possibility of renting fully protected and guarded spaces. The monthly price of our furniture storage will depend on the cubic meters and the time that you will need, the amount must be paid between the 1-5 of each month by bank registration. The final price will depend on the m3 occupied by your belongings and the transfer from the house to the storage room. We always keep the furniture storage in perfect condition so that all your furniture, belongings, or objects are in the best conditions. If you want more information about our furniture stores.