How to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer

Most of us love summers, and that’s because you can dive in the pool whenever you want. The heat of the scorching summer is instantly relieved as you step into the pool. However, after keeping your pool on a long break, just filling it up and dipping yourself right in isn’t a good idea.

If you want to get your pool summer-ready, you need to take a few steps to ensure your wellbeing. So here is a guide of the steps you need to take before opening your pool for the summers. 

Clean Up The Debris

Whether you keep your pool covered during the winter or not, there are chances dirt, twigs, and debris might’ve collected in your pool. So, the first essential step you need to take is to get your pool rid of all the filth and clear it out.

But before that, you will have to clean the cover. Simply a broom can get the job done very efficiently. However, if there’s water collected on the cover, you can use a mesh neat to clear out the water. 

Anyhow, if you didn’t cover your pool at the end of the season last time, it’s high time you buy a cover for it this time.

Call For Maintenance

Once you’ve cleaned up the pool, you need to check if your pool has become uneven or has been leaking. Not paying attention to a sinking pool can cause your pool to leak, leading to further soil erosion, and you might even end up getting sinkholes in your pool. 

So, if you don’t want your family members to risk their health by swimming in a public pool, you need to keep it maintained.

The signs of a sinking pool may include stressed concrete such as crumbling or cracking. As soon as you spot any sign of a sinking pool, you need to call for a pool lifting and stabilization service that will fix your pool and make it sound as before.  

Clean The Filters

Once you have gotten your pool cleaned and maintained, now you need to fill it up with water and run the filters. But before doing that, you need to clean the filter.

If you have a cartridge filter, all you need to do is remove the cartridge and wash it. However, to clean a D.E. filter, you will need to take it apart. Moreover, a sand filter can be cleaned by setting it to backwash. 

Get Your Pool Water Tested

Once you fill up your pool water, you must get it tested by a professional. So, take it to the pool store, and they’ll test it for you. By doing this, you’ll get to know the water’s total alkalinity, mineral content, and pH, and chlorine levels. You can then use it to balance the chemicals in your pool.

Maintain Through The Season

Now, your pool is ready for the season. For its maintenance, keep cleaning the pool and its filters from time to time, balance the chemicals and vacuum the pool every week. 


Opening your pool for the season requires some maintenance. So you need to make sure that you give your pool the attention it needs because it is essential for the swimmer’s health and safety.  Moreover, maintaining it will ensure its safe operation and add more years to its life