How to Impress a Guy on a First Date

For many people, the first date determines whether they will consider going for the second date. This is the time for both the man and woman to impress each other. As a woman, you can easily take him to the fifth date by how you will behave during this first date. We will guide you on the things to do to woo him in the best way.

What You Wear Matters

After taking all the effort to secure the first date, dressing to impress should be the goal for each person. For a woman, choosing what to put on for this special date might be an uphill task, but a little effort will make it possible. Choose a dress color that will communicate effectively depending on the message you want to convey. Black, pink and red dresses are appropriate for a first date because they express romance, love and care.A luxury watch like Omega Seamaster is a perfect ensemble to your outfit as this proves you are a strong, independent woman who works hard for her own money.

Do Not Overdo Your Makeup

There is always a temptation to put on more makeup than necessary on your first date. All this is done in an attempt to look good and impress the man. However, overdoing it will often backfire and make things look bad. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you use it moderately. But most importantly, apply makeup that is meant for your skin and that complements your attire and accessories.

Be Confident

Every woman should be confident in whatever she does. If this attitude is brought to the first date, you can rest assured that he will be impressed with you. He will pick up on this within the first few minutes of your interaction. If you have met online on the Happymatches website and decided to have a casual first date, confidence may even take things to the next level very fast.

Make Him Laugh

Apart from dressing appropriately and having confidence on the first date, telling some jokes and impressive stories will bring a smile to his face. Men appreciate women who can crack jokes boldly and communicate with confidence. With this, they are interested to spend more time with you. In addition to being impressed, he will definitely request a second and third date.

Do Not Bring an Agenda

Who likes an agenda on a date? For instance, it is a turn off to show that all you want from the man is sex, companionship or any other straightforward agenda. After all, it is a first date where you get to know each other. If you want to impress him, show that you are open to learning about each other rather than just benefiting from him. The worst agenda that will be a turn off for any man is seeking financial support.

Final Word

The first date should be dedicated to getting to know each other. Although it is not possible to know each other fully, people try as much as possible to take the first step. It is also a time to share an enjoyable moment that you have been longing for especially if you met online and have been communicating through online platforms.