How to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer Without Air Conditioning

Summers are that part of the year that makes you happy about the clear suitable for trips as well as the scorching heat of the sun that drains out our energy. The scorching heat of the sun and its direct rays makes us feel like we are staying in a microwave, ready for cooking. Perspiration, sweat, restlessness and everything irritates us. That is when most of us think of installing an air conditioner. An air conditioner is a great machine to keep the interiors of your house cool. Conversely, there are two primary disadvantages of using an air conditioner;

  • You cannot keep your air conditioner on for the whole day as it will blow your electricity bills up.
  • It cools the temperature artificially; thus, you feel attacked by the sudden heat when you step out. Such instances are good reasons to catch you a cold amidst such a hot summer.

Thus, you would prefer a few ways of keeping your house cool without installing an air conditioner. Following are a few ways you can do it;

Install Skylight Shades In Your House

Skylight shades are sheets of certain high-quality materials that you need to install on the roof areas of your house. The best advantage that you get out of such shades is that they will help you regulate the amount of light you need, along with the fulfilment of heating or cooling purposes. All you need to do during the summers is fix such shades into a partially open or closed position to prevent the heat from seeping inside. It will keep your house cooler than outside, that too without any artificial measures. Such a Skylight shade also keeps your interiors and you safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The insulating mechanism saves quite some amount off your electricity bill as they reduce the cooling costs by keeping your house pleasant and cosy at all times. 

Make Sure You Keep Your Blinds Closed

Little do you realize that windows are not just a path for letting the cool currents enter but also for the warm air to make its way inside. A report by Family Handyman reveals that around 30% of the unwanted heat make their way inside your house through the windows. What you can do to prevent its entry is by using curtains, shades, or binds. Usage of such guarding materials will reduce your electricity bills by 7% and cool down your house’s temperatures by around 20%. It is a huge percentage if you analyze the metrics closely; thus, you need to ensure that your binds remain close during the day to prevent unwanted sunlight from entering the house and making your house a greenhouse.

Keep An Eye On Your Doors

At times we do not realize the need for closing or opening doors. The door is a way in for cool air and a way out for the same cool air. You can prevent it by making sure that the doors of the unused rooms of your house remain closed. It will prevent the cooler air from getting into such rooms and getting dispersed. The logic here stands that when the cooler air gets into such unused rooms, the rooms that need to get cooled get less air. This is due to the air distribution and getting permeated into all the rooms. When you keep the doors closed, the cool air travels only within the rooms you are using, thus making your house cooler by quite a few degrees. 

Turn On Your Exhaust Fans

The exhaust fans have a design and mode of operation to pull the warm air from inside and let it out. Turn on the exhaust fans of your kitchen and bathrooms. This might lead to the warm air getting thrown up, thus making your house cooler than earlier. 

Utilize The Night Wind

During the summers, the winds at night appear to be cooler. You should allow such a cool breeze to make its way into your house so that you get a cooler feeling inside. 

The above ways are just some of the best ways to implement, but the most proven ones. You can try these tricks out to find a cooler household than earlier.