How to Keep Your Travel Budget Low when Visiting Croatia

Croatia is one of those countries that may not be high on a person’s travel bucket list, but it is truly one of the best places in the world. Not only does it host some of the most spectacular sites in the world, but if you plan your trip right, it does not have to cost your life savings. 

You can enjoy historical sites, pristine beaches, and world-class cuisine all in one country. You might even like it so much that you might want to live there. When that happens, make sure to check salaries in Croatia so that you will have an idea of the cost of living in that country. 

But if you just want to go there for a visit, make sure to follow the tips below to ensure that you are traveling on a low budget.

  1. Book your accommodations as early as possible – If you are planning a vacation to Croatia, make sure to find accommodations as early as possible. Many hotels and Airbnb can offer great discounts if you book them as early as months before your planned trip. Also, there are many good hostels in the area. This way you can meet both tourists and locals who can give you tips about where to go and what activities to try. Some even choose to bring or rent their own camping gear and enjoy the natural wonders that Croatia has to offer. 
  2. Choose to travel during the off-season – If you are not a fan of the throngs of tourists that flock sites during peak season, then make sure you travel during months when the tourists are at a minimal number. A bonus is that it will not cost that much too. The peak season for Croatia is during the summer months, which is around July and August. You may also include the months of May and September to that as these are still popular months too. If you travel during the other months, you can still enjoy everything Croatia has to offer, but without the crowd. 
  3. Look for a place that is not in the city – If you are again traveling on a low budget, another trip to follow is to steer away from the most popular cities, especially during peak season. The most famous destination is most likely Dubrovnik. While you may visit this quaint town, bear in mind that the accommodations and even the food will be definitely more expensive compared to areas like the Konavle region for example. You may look for a town that is a few hours away from the famous tourist towns, then just take a day trip to soak in the sites. 
  4. Don’t try to go to all the tourist sites – Many tourists feel like they need to pack their days with so many sites and activities. This way, they feel like they have gotten their money’s worth. The problem with this mindset is that it can cost you to be so tired. You might not even get to appreciate all the new places you are going to because you spend so much time traveling from one place to another. Don’t try to spend just one day in one town or city. While you can make day trips to another area, make sure it is not too far so that you can go back to your hotel on the same day. This is where good research comes in. Don’t just rely on general guides. Try to look for articles or blogs that will enumerate not so popular but still beautiful sites.
  5. Eat like the locals – One of the perks of traveling to another country is trying out all the local food! It’s time to be adventurous so that you can make the most out of your trip. What’s great about Croatia is that they have restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars, ensuring that they are truly the best in the world. But you need to know that dining in these restaurants can cost a pretty penny. It might also be hard to get in because it would be very in demand to dine there. If you want to stick to your budget, why not go to where the locals go? For sure, you can find local eateries that will serve honest to goodness home-cooked meals that will not put a hole in your pocket. Try to befriend locals and ask around so you can get tips on the best places to eat.