How to keep yourself in the zone while in your home office

Whether you call it getting into the zone, finding your flow or simply getting your head in the game, there is nothing like the feeling of being focused and productive when you are working. The ideas seem to flow with ease, your to do list shrinks before your eyes and your boss is singing your praises. Here we take a look at how to keep yourself in the zone while in your home office.

Shut yourself away 

Whether it is family, games, social media or housework that tries to pull your attention away from your work, shutting your office door and keeping yourself in the working environment you have created is key to staying in the zone as you work from home.

Clear your desk 

Having only the essentials on your desk as you work will help you to stay in the zone as you will not feel the frustration of not being able to find things, or having things in your way as you work.

Sit comfortably 

A good quality office chair is a must when looking to get in the zone and stay there. A chair that offers support and comfort will keep you comfortable as you focus on your work. A chair with arms will offer you a comfortable sitting position as you work and keep you in the zone as you concentrate on your work tasks. A mesh chair will offer you plenty of ventilation and prevent you from becoming too warm and uncomfortable.


Having a timer on hand will help you to keep your attention on tasks as you complete them in the allotted time.

Create a schedule 

A daily schedule filled with prioritised tasks will help you to get into the zone and work effectively as you will not need to stop and think about the next task you should be working on.

Rest your feet 

A foot rest underneath your desk can add to the comfort provided by your office chair and keep your focus on your work.

Buy a new desk 

When you were told to work from home you probably pulled together a home office made out of kids’ desks, dining chairs and spare monitors. Now that it looks like home working is likely to continue for a while, it is vital to buy a desk that suits your needs. Select an ergonomically designed desk from Office Reality that gives you plenty of space to move around and that fits with the shape of your chair. A good surface is important as well because too little space will leave you frustrated. In order to stay in the zone when working effectively your desk is your greatest tool and needs to suit you in every way possible.

Extra storage 

Having a place for all things will help you to organise your work, your room and your life. Invest in bookcases, filing cabinets and desk top storage in order to ensure that your workflow is never disrupted as you move from task to task.