How to Make a Cannabis Distillate?

It is known that health is the most important when it comes to our lives. The medical industry is evolving throughout the years and the development of technology and science helps in finding cures and remedies that will help people who are battling from threatening diseases. 

One of those current remedies that are being consumed is medical distilled cannabis. So what does a distillate mean?

It is an extract of the cannabis plant that is deprived of other compounds except for the needed cannabinoid. In the form of an oil, it lacks scent and flavor and is very pure. The technique of distillation has displayed an effective change all around the world when it comes to medical science.  

If you are a medical user, researcher or even recreational user and want to know more about this technique and its effects, here is a guide on making cannabis distillate. 

Get Familiar with the Procedure   

To begin with, this process involves a few steps for the purpose of removing undesirable chemicals that are in the plant. It is advisable to know the basic ingredients that the plant is consisted of and their boiling points.

With this process you are able to receive all the crucial parts of the cannabis. You also need a very small amount to feel the effect. There is also the ability to self-medicate and the consumer can feel the cannabis working immediately thanks to the receptors.

Another point to know when it comes to this procedure is that the oil is a distillate only if it is deprived of the other compounds. If you are doing the process at home you will need the right equipment as well. 

The Process of Extraction   

Making the highest concentration of the compounds in one pure form is the main objective of the process. However, it is not the final process.  In order to make the oil pure, the first step is the extraction technique. The main aim as previously mentioned is to separate the wanted compounds from the unwanted and unusable ones. This process can be done by doing physical extraction methods or by chemical separation. The chemical separation might have some effect on the concentration but it is more desirable to use. In addition, researches have shown that there are solvent extraction methods such as carbohydron, CO2 and ethanol extractions. 

An important thing to know about these processes is that you need the right equipment and knowledge. After the extraction, it is required to refine the extract in order to get the desirable cannabis product.  

The Processes of Decarboxylation and Winterization 

These procedures are a very significant part of the process of distillation. As the name tells us for the process of winterization, you need cold conditions. The previously made extract needs to go through a process of purification so that unwanted contaminates are left out. When mixed with ethanol in these conditions the unwanted leftovers are falling from the created extract. With this procedure, the concentrate is more pure and ready for filtration. When it comes to the process of decarboxylation, this is the part when THCA turns into THC by using heat. This way the cannabinoid is free from the acid and is able to connect with the nervous system and causes a psychoactive compound that is necessary for the person that is taking it.

How Does the Process of Distillation Work?

From the previously mentioned information, now comes the question of how to make cannabis distillate after these procedures. At this point, the extraction of the mixture leaves you with the wanted cannabinoids that need to be observed under the recommended boiling temperatures. If wanted, you can use vacuum so that you don’t need to use very high temperatures. Now the essential compounds are separated from the unwanted ones, leaving you with strong cannabinoids. 

Short Path Distillation

This is the most used way for cannabis distillation. It starts at the molecular level and the compound is heated in a boiling flask. Correspondingly, the vapor turns into a liquid as a result of being heated isolating the THC and CBD components. 

Ways to be Consumed

Distilled cannabis can be consumed by taking it under the tongue. Using it this way makes the effects happen very fast. Similarly, it can be used as a part of a dish. As we have mentioned, the cannabis is tasteless so it will not interfere with the taste of the meal. Another way is by putting it in a dab rig or using it as a vape liquid. This extract can be found in creams for relaxing muscles. It can be taken as a capsule as well but with careful consideration.

What you Need to Know  

Some critiques come from the reason that this process damages the terpenes which are extracted at low temperatures. This can be prevented by adding them afterward, together with the cannabinoids. Another point that was made is the fact that for this reason,  cannabis has no taste, and this issue can occur during the process of extraction. Unfortunately, not every dangerous compound can be thrown away and that can lead to negative effects. Having in mind that this process is very time consuming and challenging among other factors, it is also pricey.

In the final analysis, distilled cannabis has a very significant contribution to contemporary medicine and it is widely used. The process as shown is intricate and time-consuming. For this procedure, you also need to be very attentive and have specific equipment. The distilled cannabis makes a huge change in the way that people consume it and it shows a positive change in the medical sphere.