How To Make Book Week More Fun This Year

Book week is an exciting time of the year because it helps children to celebrate reading, books, characters, illustrators, authors, and more. It should be a time to encourage discovery and exploration and open an opportunity for various activities. 

Planning for an exciting book week can be stressful. Kids’ attention span is short, and they’ll easily get bored if your activities aren’t engaging. So to make the week interesting, you need to equip yourself with book week ideas.

Here are some ways of making this year’s book week more fun. 

  • Develop An Exciting Book Area

Creating a comfortable space where kids can read is crucial for a home or classroom setting. When you involve them in creating a reading space, you’ll foster their reading habits and help them acquire a wide range of literacy skills. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on creating an exciting book space. By using some throw pillows, sheets, and foldable wood pieces, you can create an interesting book space. Ensure that you mix the space with various books. Award your kids if they finish reading the books in the space within the set deadline. You also need to remember to include books linked to your country’s current curriculum. Filling the shelves with books being celebrated within the week will also allow them to explore the texts. 

  • Encourage Book-Inspired Artworks And Crafts

Children can be better taught to adore books by engaging them in crafts and artwork. You can select a specific book like Room on the Broom and use it to teach the kids how to make wands. This is a simple craft that only requires start templates, sticks, paddle-pop, collage materials, and glue. Your kids will love playing with the wands and may even be more interested in reading the story. 

You can also use artworks to encourage your kids to love books. There are many books with simple drawings that the children can copy. A good example is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. You can have the kids draw and paint the hungry caterpillar and the food he ate. This activity will allow the kids to develop their knowledge of the book and polish their artistic abilities. 

  • Visit A Library

Visiting the library may appear to be a simple activity, but it can enrich kids.  Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot to take your child to the local library. Once at the library, have the kids select their favorite books. 

Alternatively, you can search for author talks within your area. Most kids will be inspired to read books when they hear authors talking about the book-writing process. This opportunity also enables them to ask questions about the books and learn more about story-telling. 

  • Read A Book Then Watch Its Movie

Most kids’ books can be watched as movies. One way of encouraging them to read is to go through the book with them and then watch its movie. To make it more interesting, you can have a book-themed family movie night after spending the day reading the book. 

Watching the book’s movie will excite your child because they’ll want to confirm the events’ succession. The setting of the movie and the plot may even make whatever they read more vivid and clear. However, it would be best to select a movie that doesn’t have a great deviation from the storybook. 

The Bottom Line

Book week is all about encouraging kids to read. But if done wrongly, you may end up discouraging your kids from books. These tips will help you engage your kids throughout the book week.