How to make the most of a large bedroom

A large bedroom can be a blessing, but only if you know how best to utilise the space you’ve got. Naturally, comfort and storage will be key considerations, but don’t forget about ensuring some privacy and adding a little flair too!

The following tips will help you redesign a large bedroom into an interior design masterclass.

Divide and conquer

In a really large bedroom, it can be rather nice to cordon off more private zones, for example in places where you get dressed. Using cool room dividers will add not only practicality but also an opportunity to put your style and stamp on your most frequented room. 

Choose from natural wood dividers for an organic and understated vibe, or go all out with a decorative print divider instead. Our favourites are those that appear a little Asian inspired, with intricate carvings, as they bring some tasteful and appropriate romantic vibes into play. Just remember that screens such as this are standing pieces of art, so try not to just use them for dressing and undressing!

Go big with the furniture

The key to decorating a large room is proportions. With a big expanse of space to fill, you don’t want to rely on a multitude of small items, as the room will feel cluttered – which is the last thing you want in a bedroom; it’s supposed to be restful!

A large bedroom can easily accommodate a king or even super-king size bed, giving you maximum comfort and luxury, without having to sacrifice bedside cabinets because of limited floor space. This might even be a chance to buy that four-poster that you’ve always dreamed of if you have high ceilings. An added bonus is that you’ll be able to install a huge wardrobe too, so no more awkward clothes folding or making hangers work double-duty.

The walls can do some work

In a large bedroom, your walls can be put to excellent use. Not only will you have enough surface area for something really dramatic — like a hugely oversized mirror — but you can also mount a flat-screen up there and add plenty of artwork too.

In a small bedroom, walls need to be kept clear, to avoid a claustrophobic sensation creeping in, but with more space to play with, you can be much bolder. We still think that white is the best bedroom wall colour, if only because it’s so fresh and calm, but it is also the ideal blank canvas for art and statement design pieces.

Make it multifunctional

When is a bedroom not a bedroom? When it’s also a sitting room. A large bedroom is a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something really indulgent, like that chaise lounge you’ve always wanted or a deep velvet Chesterfield sofa. Add some plush cushions and you’ll probably never want to sit in the living room again.

Having a little quiet enclave that’s just for you is such a luxury – a large bedroom gives you that option. Whether you want to curl up and read, or simply enjoy a comfortable seat when putting on your shoes each day, this is a great way to get some extra value from a generous boudoir.

A large bedroom is an opportunity to really let out your creative side, but remember to work with the space, rather than against it. Carve it into manageable chunks, be proportional with your furniture and use large, statement pieces to maximise the space further.