Sunday, October 2 , 2022

How To Make The Most Of Your Daily Commute And Improve Your Productivity

Early morning commutes, while treacherous for some, can be a great source of productivity for others if used to their full potential. They offer a few extra hours to get started on some work or plan out the day ahead before you finally make it to the office. They are also a great way to unwind and prepare yourself for the rest of the week without compromising your efficiency while at work. Below are a few ways that you can take advantage of your commute and use it to improve your productivity in the future.

Planning Your Day Ahead 

The easiest way to improve your productivity while on your daily commute is by taking some of that time to plan out the day ahead so that you are ready to get started once you reach the office. Rather than listening to music or staring out the train window, pull out your bullet journal, planner, or smartphone calendar and decide what the next few hours are going to look like. You can start with the simplest tasks first and get those out of the way so that you have more time to focus on what’s more important. Or you can plan the most arduous tasks for the time you feel most energized and work around it with smaller projects that don’t require as much of your energy and focus.

It’s also important to not forget to schedule your meetings on Google Meet and breaks accordingly so that you have time to eat and refresh yourself before tackling the rest of your to-do list. By planning your breaks ahead of time you will be less tempted to skip them in order to answer a few more emails and can stick to your structured schedule for optimum productivity.

Reviewing Notes 

That hour bus ride is the perfect excuse to look over the documents you haven’t had time to review throughout the week. Not only will it prepare you for the day ahead, but it will also help you catch up on anything you’ve been falling behind on and give your productivity an extra boost. Be sure to store all your important and confidential documents in a data room so that you can access them whenever and from wherever without worrying about the security of the information. With a VDR you can review client information, the progress on certain projects, and the attention the documents you have uploaded are garnering by relevant third parties. Don’t miss out on an important deal just because you are commuting – take advantage of the extra time and stay informed of ongoing projects.

Clearing Your Mind 

If you are all caught up on work and have already planned out your day, then take some time during your morning or evening commute to clear your mind and unwind so that you are refreshed and ready to tackle another day. You could spend that time listening to a new album or a meditation podcast to help you prepare for the stress of the day ahead. Or you can get out a few chapters of the book you’ve been reading and let your mind travel to another world, in another time. Giving your mind a rest is vital in ensuring that it will perform to the best of its abilities when at work, so don’t shy away from taking some “me time” whenever you can throughout the day. It will improve your productivity and enable you to take on your busy workload without feeling overwhelmed or falling behind compared to your colleagues.

 Having A Quick Workout

 If you’re not planning, reviewing, or clearing your mind then maybe you can use your morning commute as a way to get in a daily work out. Take advantage of the warmer weather and walk to work if it isn’t too far away or invest in a bicycle that gets you there in the same amount of time as public transit, but with a much better affect on your physical health. Not only will this help you feel energized for the rest of the day, but you will notice the positive effect it has on your motivation and productivity levels.