Monday, September 26 , 2022

How to make this season unforgettable !!

By Jaya

“An average American spends 100 dollars a day. There are 2.8 Bn out of 7Bn people in the universe who only live on less than 2 Dollars a day.  Just imagine what you can do with some motivation and determination? Well you can manage an African family for an entire lifetime without any difficulty if you wish to do so. Dream big, and aim big. You can make a change this Christmas. Go for it and make it a memorable one”

Christmas brings joy to billions of people on the planet. It’s a season you share love and care. It’s the time you show love towards everyone. That love has to be universal. But does it really happen that way?

We do celebrate important events of the calendar, that is close to our hearts. Of course we all do celebrate events such as New Year and Christmas with a good heart. Good intentions and good wishes. We want to make it all happy and interesting. Make it unforgettable for our kids and relatives. Well, by doing so we might not realize, that in pursuit of our beloved’s happiness, we would compromise somebody else’s happiness.

Therefore, lets see how this Christmas can be celebrated without harming any living being and trashing the planet. This Ethical Guide has a roundup on how to plan a more ethical approach to Christmas well in advance.

We focus on your meal, gifts, donations and decorations.

Have a Cruelty-Free Christmas

1) Have a Cruelty-Free Christmas

Why not celebrate the Christmas this time with true love towards all living beings. That way you can spread love to all creatures on this planet.

For each Christmas millions of Chickens, Cows, ducks, geese, pigs, rabbits, goats, crabs, turkeys and fish are slaughtered. Lets not support this industry which keeps animals in a space that they can barely move, feed what they’d not prefer in natural habitat and kills prematurely separating them from their beloved families.

So why not try a “veggie feast” Christmas this time around. Who knows everybody will like the idea. It will be a memorable one for sure.

Have a Cruelty-Free Christmas

2) No cosmetics or toiletries tested on animals

There are lots of esteem brands of cosmetics Prettily-packaged and toiletries make nice presents. Yet, they may have been produced not so prettily. Just imagine how many animals would get sick and die due to these chemicals in the testing stages. Let’s leave them all out and go for organically made and not tested on animals.

3) Say no to fur & leather products

Say no to fur & leather products

Often various clothes we buy during the cold Christmas season could have been made using animal fur. Shoes, bags and similar products may have made out of the animal skin. In order to produce these innocent animals have their fur and skins stripped from them to be turned into clothing and accessories. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Isn’t it?

Watch out for fur trim on gloves, coats and boots – don’t assume it’s fake because it could be real rabbit, fox or even cat or dog. Always check the label to make sure it’s 100% synthetic.

Lets celebrate Christmas without fur & leather products. You can do it!

4) Make a meaningful donation

Make a meaningful donationMake sure your charity donation goes to the right place. Some donations to medical institutes etc maybe used to test medication on animals. Some donations would contribute to global warming and production of agro chemicals etc.

The best investment in terms of a donation would be on people’s basic needs. Such as food and water, shelter, clothing, education, health and sanitation. Make donations to fulfill these basic needs. Consider making a donation to the neediest segments among us. Africa and south Asia are two regions that require lot of assistance. Who knows, your little contribution may help a Somali friend with daily rations or a Philippine family with medical assistance.

Remember to recycle!

5) Remember to recycle!

Cardboard boxes, Christmas cards and wrapping paper should be recycled where possible. Donate extra gift items to those who are not so lucky to receive such gifts. Always select recyclable materials from paper to carrying bags. Go for simpler packing; avoid lavishly and excessively packed items. Less waste saves tax payers money.

6) Arrange a fund-raising event for a worthy cause.

Arrange a fund-raising event for a worthy cause.Well, your friends and relatives would be more than happy to help you in a good cause this Xmas. Even if they are not interested who’d want to say NO for Christmas? A fun way to bring a large group together to raise money for a cause is by holding a church bingo Christmas fundraiser. Profits from these kinds of Christmas church fundraising events could go to your local church to fix a problem they may have e.g. a leaky roof. For other church-related fundraising ideas, check out ABC fundraising. So do something great and this is the best time to start. It could be very small. Like helping a single kid with difficulties in pursuing education or maybe helping someone with financial difficulties to buy a hearing aid.

There are our brothers and sisters in various parts of the world whose daily meal is never guaranteed; children, with their parents unable to find work and return home at the end of the day empty-handed. Many people without enough money to meet their basic needs are some; you might want to consider lending a helping hand instead of busting hundreds of dollars a day which is good enough to feed an African family for few weeks or even months.

No Circus and poorly managed zoos.

7) No Circus and poorly managed zoos.

Don’t take your kids to circuses that still use animals. Putting animals on display is degrading and neither entertaining nor educational. Animals used in circuses face horrendous life. They are being beaten, deprived and often separated from their family in the wild.

Often their life is limited to a cage that’s almost the size of the animal. It’s similar with poorly managed zoos. Parks are great but zoos to be avoided.

8) Avoid palm oil

Love for all

Palm oil makes havoc in the life of many wild species around the world. Many of them are very rare species. Palm oil is the main cause of deforestation in many parts of the world including the great Borneo rainforest.

Palm oil kills Borneo elephants and uran utan in addition to all the other species who face a similar threat. Acres of forests are burned to cultivate palm and that cause many adversities around the region. If the rate of palm oil production continues the great Borneo will soon be gone. With it many indigenous species in worlds one of the biggest rainforests will also be extinct.

Love for all

9) Love for all

It is important we celebrate events such as Christmas. But if you really take the amount we spend on Christmas, New Year and various other important calendar events, we might wonder what amazing change we can make with all that money.

An average American spends 100 dollars a day. There are 2.8 Bn out of 7Bn people in the universe who only live on less than 2 Dollars a day.  Just imagine what you can do with some will and determination? Well you can manage an entire family for an entire lifetime without any difficulty if you wish to do so. Dream big and aim big. You can make a change this Christmas. Go for it and make it a memorable one.

Love everyone and every living being. Don’t forget the planet you live in too. Take care of everything around you for a better tomorrow.

Merry Christmas all!

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