Make Your Business More Sustainable

How To Make Your Business More Sustainable

Make Your Business More SustainableNow more than ever, sustainability across businesses is paramount. From carbon-neutral pledges to recycling schemes, and everything in between, whatever you can do to make your business environmentally friendly is a huge benefit for our planet.

As the expectations on corporate responsibility increase as time goes on, transparency becomes more prevalent, businesses are beginning to realize the importance of incorporating sustainability within futu

A recent survey of 1000 UK businesses has found that more than three-quarters are planning to increase their sustainability focus in 2021, as part of their plans to financially recover from the pandemic.

With sustainability fast becoming many businesses’ top priority this year, we wanted to explore some of the ways in which companies are making positive pledges to our planet. 


Patagonia is renowned worldwide for its continued focus on sustainability and is considered to be one of the leading environmentally conscious clothing brands in the sports and outdoor retail sector. Its vivid imagery and ad campaigns never fail to tell a captivating story, with 100% transparency about how each product line is produced. As it stands today, 87% of Patagonia’s fabrics are made from recycled materials such as recycled nylon and even fishing nets which the brand re-purposes. Alongside this, 100% of the cotton used within its clothing is grown organically. 

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is a food service app that allows you to save food from local restaurants and cafes that would otherwise go to waste due to hospitality policies. With recent television ads and campaigns to help expand brand awareness, this company is hugely growing in popularity, creating a “Food Waste Movement” where a dedicated team travel to schools and businesses to spread their message and make the world think differently about throwing away unsold food. Simply use the app to find a local store to pick up your food and take advantage of huge discounts in the process. 


Bingley-based boutique, Damart, is another fashion retailer that is ensuring it is doing all it can to help the planet with its (Re)generation collection. Seamlessly combining sustainable fashion with comfortable materials, this eco-friendly clothing range is perfect for those who are conscious about helping the environment. Pair the popular “Spirit” tee made from recycled materials with a stylish midi skirt, or opt for sustainably crafted denim jeans featuring a gently tapered leg that is easy to move in. The brand’s eco-responsible production minimizes environmental impact yet makes beautiful, comfortable clothing that’s wonderfully guilt-free – so, if you’ve been searching for sustainable fashion that delivers on design, fit, and style, you’ll be sure to find it at Damart.