How to Make Your Home Feel More Rustic

With the purchase of a new house comes to a whole new place to decorate.  The right decorating has the potential to transform a house into a home.  It sounds great, but decorating a whole house can seem very overwhelming.  Choosing a general theme for your house helps narrow down what to shop for and makes the decor flow from room to room.  With a modern rustic decor theme, you can make your house feel cozy and comfortable with simple and cost-effective decorating.

  1. Antiques

Nothing gives your house a more rustic feel than a few well-placed antiques.  Head to local antique stores to find pieces that speak to you and fit the home you are trying to furnish.  Keep an open mind and look for both small and large antiques for your home.  Be creative with ways to use different antiques.  For example, an old wooden ladder could be propped up against the wall to hold and display folded blankets. Some classic antique pieces to keep an eye out for are trays, clocks, wire baskets, trunks, or benches.

  1. Earth Tones

When choosing things like paint and upholstery colors, stick to a palette of earth tones.  Earth tones are natural and pleasing to the eye.  Generally, most people are attracted to earth tones, so the colors you choose will not be strongly disliked by any visitors.  Choose warm or cool tones depending on the type of room you are decorating.  Warm colors are stimulating and more appropriate for rooms where many people will be.  Cool colors, oppositely, are more calming and better for more private or relaxing rooms.  For example, a family room should be a combination of warm colors, while a bedroom should be a mixture of cool colors.

  1. Wood Signs

When deciding what to hang on your walls, consider hanging wood signs with your favorite sayings on them.  Wood signs can be found in a million different shapes and sizes, so they are able to fit any nook or cranny in your house.  Purchase small square ones to sit on your shelves or hang large rectangular ones with a welcoming message. Wood signs are typically made in neutral colors, so they will go with any other decor you have chosen for your room.

  1. Candles

Nothing says comfort like the glow of flickering light.  Candles serve two purposes in your home.  The first is a decorating purpose. Purchase large pillar candles to match your decor.  You can also look for rustic accent pieces that hold candles as well, such as wooden slabs or iron lanterns.  While these pieces serve the purpose of decorating towards your rustic theme, the second purpose of candles is that their light makes your house feel cozy.  Burning candles also make your house smell lovely.  Look for woodsy and natural scents to complement your decor theme.

  1. Greenery

Use greenery to add a touch of nature to your rustic decor.  Adding greenery to your mantle will not only brighten up the room, but it will complement the rest of your rustic decor.  A classic boxwood wreath can hang on the front door to welcome guests to your home.  Place pots of eucalyptus leave around the house to brighten up dark corners and breathe life into your home.  If you have access to real eucalyptus, olive branches, boxwood, or English ivy, that is preferred, however, there are many artificial options that look great and last forever!

  1. Mason Jars

Mason jars can be used in multiple ways to enhance the theme of your rustic decor.  Use mason jars as candle holders and tie a bow around with a piece of burlap or twine.  Swap the glasses in your kitchen cabinet for mason jars and use them as everyday water glasses.  Add the greenery discussed above to a mason jar instead of a pot and place around the house.  If you’re crafty, make mason jar sconces to adorn your walls. A whole case of mason jars is relatively inexpensive and can add a lot of charm to your decor.

All of the rustic decorating ideas above are inexpensive and make a huge impact on the comfort and feel of your home.  If it all still feels overwhelming to you, do one thing at a time.  Start looking for antiques gradually or bring home some paint samples to mull over.  A whole house can’t be decorated overnight, but eventually, with these small decorating ideas, your rustic theme will come together and make your new house feel like home sweet home.