Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

How To Mount A Large Canvas As Seen In Florida Art Galleries

In this day and age, when you purchase or get a canvas, it hardly ever comes with, for the most part, any hanging hardware. A lot of people wrongly and inaccurately believe that means it is okay to hang or mount it by the frame.

However, it is not. Keep in mind that it is not safe to mount a canvas by the frame as it could, more often than not, easily drop off the wall. Thus, what should you do? When you have a massive canvas art that you would want to display, you might be asking yourself and pondering the best way to display it in your home.

You’ll need to get your canvas ready and gather the correct measurements to determine the best location or position for your artwork. For a little help, here’s how you can hang a large canvas. Read on!

Gather Supplies

So, the first thing that you should is to prepare your art and gather the necessary supplies. To do that, you need to examine and inspect the mounting hardware on the frame. Check its quality by holding the artwork by the wire and thrusting it up and down several times. Just imagine you are lifting weights.

If there are no unusual creaking, then the canvas should be okay to hang. Next, add wire are mounting hardware if necessary. It is especially true if the canvas does not come with wire, or, for the most part, if you must replace it.

And you can do it by putting two D-rings with, on both sides, screws of the canvas’s back. Measure, with a ruler, 1/3-¼ down the canvas’s back from its top and use a pencil to make a mark. Make sure to use the same estimates on both sides. At the pencil marks, attach the D-rings.

Moreover, purchase picture mounting hardware for the wall. Picture mounting hardware is, for the most part, available at many local hardware stores. Additionally, they usually come in ten pounds up to seventy-five pounds varieties.

For heavier canvases, you can double the painting hooks. Also, if necessary, don’t forget to buy drywall anchors. For canvases at least fifty-four kilograms, you’ll need to install or affix drywall anchors at your point of hanging. Expanding metal screws are the best kind of drywall anchors.

Measure Your Canvas’s Placement

After gathering the necessary supplies, you then need to get your canvas’s height and divide it by two. The measurement will, for the most part, give you the midpoint, or halfway height, of your art, which is crucial in identifying or assessing how high up your canvas should go on the wall. You can do get the height by using the tape measure.

Make sure you jot it down on your notes. Next, add the midpoint to your preferred height. Your ideal height means how lofty on the wall you’d like the center point of your canvas to be. A lot of art galleries put the canvas’s center at average eye level, or at least sixty inches from the floor.

If you plan to display your artwork over a piece of furniture, don’t forget to leave about twelve inches between the top of the furniture and the canvas. This notion works best for tall pieces. Moreover, get the difference of the range between the picture wire’s highest point and the top of the artwork.

This estimate will give you the range from the ground that you’ll mark your point of hanging. Lastly, use a pencil to mark the place where you will put the hook.

Hang and Level

Pound your hooks into the wall. A nail or hook will, without a doubt, go straight onto the markings on the wall. For hefty or heavier canvases, or if you like to be more certain that your artwork won’t move with vibrations, use at least two hooks spaced five inches from each other.

From the center, estimate two and a half inches to the left and to the right. Don’t forget to mark these points to hammer the hooks. Once the hooks are hammered, you can then affix your canvas art on the hooks.

Cautiously place the wire onto the hooks hammered to the wall. Level the canvas from where you’re standing. To check if the canvas is straight, use a level. Place it at the top of the canvas.


If you think you can’t do the installation, you can contact any art installations company such as MacFine Art Installations to help you out. With their help, hanging and displaying your work of art would be a lot easier and uncomplicated. But if you think you can do it yourself, then don’t forget to consider the tips in this article. Hang with ease with the help of these tips.