How to Nail a Great Topic for Your Essay

Composing an essay is a task that involves structuring paragraphs, consistently presenting thoughts, and using specific vocabulary. However, the basis for writing the text is always a topic, the choice of which must be given special attention. This component of the essay conveys the essence of all the written work, briefly familiarizing the reader with it. In order to compose the text as better as it is possible like they do at a reputable writing service, there are some tips on how to choose topics for your college essay, namely to make them narrow, relevant, interesting, and debatable for the reader.

In the process of work and, in particular, getting education, individuals have to write essays on various topics related to aspects of human life and disciplines. It can be sociology, psychology, art, business, health care, environment, technology, and so on. All these disciplines have many directions, which create a vast number of topics for writing an essay, but most often only one is needed. In order to make a high-quality written work, it is worth narrowing down the area that will be studied and described in the paper.

Noticeable is that writing an essay on a quite extensive topic is a rather complicated process. In this case, the work either covers only the main points of the subject or becomes too broad. It is not an indicator of quality writing. In order to choose a more appropriate topic for writing an essay, the option of possible issues should be kept to a minimum. For this purpose, it is useful to ask questions to one large subject (Fleming, 2018). For instance, if an individual writes about technology, he or she can apply the question: “How does technology affect a person?”. Then one can decide on what to write, about the positive or negative effect of gadgets, or choose a specific age category of people. In addition to concentrating on a narrow topic for an essay, it is necessary to remember that the paper should be relevant.

In our time, the variety of subjects for writing an essay is quite large. However, if an individual does not have a specific, given topic, it is not so easy to make an independent choice. After selecting one of the disciplines, a person also needs to consider actual questions in a picked out area. To decide on the topic of the essay, one can read the latest news or research articles about the chosen subject, study what issues are in the process of examination, or learn about the most common or global problems of humanity. To exemplify, if a person addresses about health, he or she can learn and write about the excess weight of the residents of a particular country: “How the Mexican government fights against obesity of its population?”. Besides, the selected topic should be interesting for the reader.

The title is the first thing that a person draws attention to before reading an essay or article. It is the prime component of the written work that briefly conveys the topic of the paper. Therefore, the choice of the theme of the essay and how it will be presented plays a crucial role in that others would be interested in reading the text. For comparison, it is worth considering two variants of the title, one of which is bad and the other is better. A version like “Smoking is unhealthy” is incongruous, weak, and boring. The more impressive and attractive title would be “Smoking damages the respiratory system and blood vessels of a person by harmful components in cigarettes”. Besides the fact that the topic is actual, the reader will understand what will be discussed in the essay. To make written work more interesting, one can choose a debatable issue.

One more way of how to choose topics for your essay is to select one, that can be discussed or disputed. Of course, there are written works in which people talk about established and undeniable things, such as the importance of family values or the dangers of drugs. However, in case of having a choice, one can write about a topic, which has two or more points of view. As an option, it is possible to discuss the issue like: “Gadgets can be harmful to child development”. In addition to the fact that today the use of technology by children is a hot topic, several perspectives of it will be considered and will make the reader think about personal opinion on this issue.

To conclude, the choice of topics for the essay is the main and initial stage of writing a high-quality and interesting essay. For the reader to get a positive impression from the written work, it must be relevant and reveal one specific theme of the discipline or subject. If the topic is narrow and at the same time studied in detail, it is better than a description of the general information about the selected conception. Thus before writing a paper, one needs to thoroughly think about the idea of what can be presented in the essay.


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