How to Optimize Your Warehouse Space with the Right Storage

Decent warehouse space can cost you a pretty penny, and those in a good location are hard to find. If you have your dream storage space, it’s not the best idea to store things in them haphazardly. Organization service providers, such as American Surplus, aim to help people understand why optimal space utilization is crucial.

Do You Need to Optimize Your Warehouse Storage?

Good organization is not just about painting a pretty picture; it runs deeper than that. While arranging things neatly and storing them in a straight line is pleasing to the eye, it has a hidden benefit of efficiency as well. Storage spaces, especially those for a warehouse, are a different beast.

Organizing warehouse storage is not just about keeping things in order; it may require some special equipment. Services like American Surplus provide such equipment, and they aim to educate users about the importance of availing them. With efficient storage, businesses can maximize their use out of warehouse storage, increase efficiency, and decrease costs. 

When items are stored correctly, it helps with faster inventory checks and aids with the transportation of material. Overall, well-organized storage space can mean faster operations as well. 

What Can You Do to Improve Warehouse Storage Organisation?

Now that you’ve recognized the problem, how do you go about fixing such an issue? What are the steps that can optimize your storage utilization?

Understanding Your Storage Space

For your organization’s methods to be successful, you need to understand your current storage space capacity and utilization. From the rack placement to the square feet of space used, ensure that you have all the details ready to go.

Don’t Forget Your Vertical Space

People often quantify their storage space in terms of the horizontal space, with no regard for the vertical space. 

How high do the ceilings go? Can you stack your storage material safely? What are the different ways you can incorporate the vertical space into your storage practices?

Keep these questions in mind when you walk into your storage space.

Store Items According to Size

Although this may sound like a simple tip, you’d be surprised how helpful it can be! Many people store items according to the frequency of their use or according to when they were last used. If your business needs a permit, try to store according to their size and watch how quickly you free up your space.

Eliminate the Obsolete

Unless your business involves seasonal work, there should not be any item in your storage space that you have not touched in months. Keep evaluating your inventory often to see how often items are used. Anything which hasn’t been used in a while and does not serve much long-term purpose should be sold or donated right away.

Select the Right Storage System

There are several storage systems, from floor stacking to racks, pushback, and even drive-in storage. Depending on the items you need to store and how often you need to access them, you will need to select a storage system that maximizes space while also providing easy access when you need the product. Don’t just stick to a “popular” method. Analyze what works best for you.

Use Underused Spaces

Storage doesn’t always mean ample storage space. Take a look around your office or even your storage unit for underutilized spaces. Try to come up with innovative ways to use the space you already have rather than procuring another storage space for your business.

Underutilisation of storage spaces is a concerning issue. With American Surplus, you can not only organize your storage space but understand how to implement better storage techniques.