How To Outsource Your House Cleaning to Part-Time Maid?

Are you looking to outsource your cleaning? In Singapore, most of the adults work really hard to earn bread and butter for the family and definitely work extremely hard to keep up with the tough economic times. Every-one of us want to secure our future, and that definitely does not come without sacrifice. Most of the people in Singapore have got a very tight schedule to follow, so they do not get enough time to focus on other house-hold services like house cleaning. However, not a single one of us wants to live in a dirty house, a messy house.

In Singapore apart from the reputed companies, there are many freelance companies that provide good quality cleaning services and thus take away all the worries of dirty messy house cleaning jobs. There are many reputed companies, but it is always advisable to outsource the house cleaning services to a reputed company rather than the freelance once. Apart from Singapore’s law for hiring freelance cleaning companies, there are other risks that are involved as well.

Due to urgency in most of the cases, the house-owners in Singapore do not have that much time to make an extensive background check for the freelance part-time maid. People often think that legitimate and reputed companies charge more than what they can afford. This is one of the primary reasons why most of the people of Singapore prefer to hire a freelance part-time maid over the services of a legitimate maid. Whereas it can be more expensive when a freelance company or a dishonest maid wipes away all the expensive house-hold item and jewelry and run away, it is not possible to track or trace them. Apart from these, there are many other major problems that you may come across while hiring a freelance part-time maid for your house cleaning services.

Major points that you should keep in mind while outsourcing house cleaning to a part-time maid:

Training: Though all freelance companies are not the same, in most of cases the maids from a freelance company are not properly trained, so they are not that efficient to clean every corner of the house properly. Along with that, they fail to follow all the instructions that you provide them, or they do not tend to follow all the commands that you give them properly.

Leaves: When it comes to leaving, if a part-time maid from a legitimate company takes a day off, the company try to provide a replacement that can assist you in the cleaning process, but when it comes to freelance company it is not possible for you to complain to the authority if the leave is unannounced or uninformed.

Liability: When you outsource your house cleaning to a legitimate company for a part-time maid they always ensure that the cleaners or maids are covered under “Work Injury Compensation Act”, so when they are injured while working in your premise, you need not worry about the medical bills and expenses, however when a freelance part-time maid is injured you need to bear all the medical bills and expenses, as they are not insured by the company. So for every minor or major injury, you need to take a headache. Well, this can be a very troublesome and costly affair.

Cleaning Efficiency: The most important part is that if you are not satisfied with the cleaning work of a part-time maid that you hired from a reputed or legitimate company, they would immediately try and replace the candidate. But when you go for hiring a part-time maid from a freelance organization, you will have no choice but to stick with the person for some days. Over and above you will have to spend a lot of time hiring a maid from a new cleaning company from scratch. Well, this can be quite a time-taking and exhausting affair.

Safety and Security: Now comes the extremely important point that is safety and security. When it comes to this point it is always advisable to hire a part-time maid from a reputed company for the cleaning service of your house, as they will not only make you feel safe at home but your house will also be cleaned by trained professionals who are best in their work. Along with that, they will provide you with reliable, honest professionals who can perform a perfect cleaning job.

Bottom Line

There are many freelance companies that are able to perform the job of cleaning services in a proper way and the part-time maids are also well behaved, but the limited services are always outweighed by the risks incurred. It is also important to keep in mind that all the hard-earned money of yours should be spent for the welfare of the family members. Thus it is extremely important to take a wise decision before outsourcing to a part-time maid.