How To Prevent Your Jewelry From Tarnishing?

Can’t imagine going out without wearing one of your favorite earrings? For many, dressing up is incomplete without wearing a trendy necklace, chic danglers, colorful brooches, big turquoise rings, or other accessories. 

Jewelry adds instant glam to any kind of look. However, all that sparkles don’t last forever. Right?  Prolonged use and exposure to the extreme sunlight or water end up snatching away the sheen of your jewelry. 

Here are 5 ideas to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing as well as to maintain your jewelry for years to come:

    1. Nail polish is a true savior

Applying clear nail paint to any part of jewelry such as jewelry bails, chains, beads, and clasps will keep your jewelry in the best shape. The polish creates a layer between skin, jewelry, and the air helping to stave off unsightly stains. 

Putting a nail coat on top of silver or Tibetan jewelry limits discoloration and prevents those little bling pieces from falling out. 

    2. Avoid contact with water

While wearing jewelry avoid activities like bathing, dishes, washing, and swimming. General water activities wearing jewelry aid the formation of rust. 

Also, chemicals found in the pool water boost tarnishing and can have bad effects on your jewelry pieces. It is better to avoid wearing your favorite jewelry while swimming or indulged in any other water linked activities. 

    3. Store in airtight containers

Jewelry tarnishes much faster when left in open. To preserve your jewelry items for a longer time, store them in an airtight box or anti-tarnishing wooden box. 

Investment in a closed container can extend the life of your metallic jewelry by creating a layer of protection against exposure to oxygen. Properly storing your jewelry will help it to stay tangle-free and prevents breakage. 

    4. Keep your jewelry clean

Sweat is a spoilsport as it brings in moisture and could tarnish your jewelry. Therefore, before putting them back in your jewelry box, wipe off all the sweat or dust from the jewelry pieces. To prevent body oil from building up on your jewelry, clean all oils with a soft cloth.

To keep jewelry neat and clean, different solutions are available in the market.

If you are in doubt about how your earrings or rings will respond to the cleaning solution, try it in a smaller area. Keep an eye on the products that work best for your jewelry.

    5. Use a sealant spray

A sealant spray creates a barrier between water, oxygen, and jewelry piece. This prevents tarnishing and also your jewelry remains shining like a new penny. 

A sealant spray is a skin-safe and anti-tarnish clear coating that is practically invisible. It best works on jewelry items made of copper, bronze, brass, or inexpensive metal coated with a thin layer of gold. 

Wrap up

Above all, remember to wear your jewelry after applying make-up, perfume, and lotions to avoid damage to any of your favorite jewelry items. Following these tips will help to protect your coveted jewelry from tarnishing while staying sparkling clean for years to come.