How to Protect Yourself as a Whistleblower

Being a whistleblower isn’t a joke. It comes with a lot of challenges—including those relating to your personal security. For instance, if you are working in a financially corrupt, unethical, and illegal company, you might be tempted to whistle blow. However, this can put your life at risk. But this shouldn’t stop you from doing the right thing. With the right tips, you can protect yourself as a whistleblower. Here is how you can protect yourself as a whistleblower.


Some whistleblowers have been applauded for their work, while others have had their lives ruined completely. In fact, some have even committed suicide. There are also those who’ve suffered drug and alcohol addictions after telling the truth about certain issues. If you’re planning to blow the whistle without destroying your life, here are simple tips you must know.

Document Everything Judiciously

Be sure to record conversations. Then, make copies of files as well as email conversations that support your conclusions. Without accurate details, you might end up in trouble. So, take the time to document your findings carefully.

Keep the documents in a safe place that’s independent of the influence of the institution you plan to expose.

Promptly Reporting of the Findings

Once you’ve compiled your findings, promptly report them to the proper authorities. Meet with officials in person. This will help establish your credibility while also creating personal connections that might help protect you.

Have a Defamation Lawyer

Character assassination is one of the most common responses to whistleblowing. Look for an experienced lawyer who’ll fight back immediately with anti-defamation lawsuits.

Contact Other Journalists

Try reaching out to correspondents who cover frauds and other illegal related activities. Try contacting these people as well as scheduling a physical meeting with them. Ensure that you directly give them your story.

You Have Rights. Know Them

Whistleblowers have rights. So, know these rights. Don’t feel intimidated. The government has enacted laws that protect whistleblowers. Knowing your right will help you disseminate the information to the right parties without fear. 

Don’t Discuss with Anybody

Don’t discuss the content of your case to anybody. Don’t even give the authorities the information. Limit discussing the content with lawyers and other parties. Avoid telling your friend. Remember, even your friends can put you in danger. They can be bribed or intimidated to scare you.

Other Tips

Additional tips include:

  • Build a cash reserve
  • Be faithful. Don’t give up
  • Understand the statute limitations
  • Be secretive. Don’t let your employer find out
  • Take notes and even videos
  • Don’t resign
  • Don’t give in a and let your company fire you

The Bottom-Line

Finally, you have decided to let it out. You are tired of seeing unethical things happen in your company. You don’t want to go down in history as an employee who failed to flag illegal activities in your company. Well, congratulations. The rewards for whistleblowers are huge. However, the journey ahead is thorny and scary. You will be exposing your life to security issues. However, you can employ the above tips and stay safe as a whistleblower.