How To Register A Trademark For The Business

How To Register A Trademark For The Business

How To Register A Trademark For The Business

When a business, profession, or individual undertakings have to be recognized in either the local or international market, a trademark is a way to do that successfully. In order to get a trademark application, it is better to get in touch with a trademark consultation to make the process smooth and effective.

If the business has a consultation, that removes the doubt of the person who is applying for the trademark, and they will even take care of the systematic application filling. This application will be filled as per the rules of the trademark law.

What is a trademark?

Trademark can be a word, design, or symbol that represents the goods and the services. This is how the customers recognize the organization in the marketplace that can help the company to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Trademarks can be used to

  •       Identify the source of the goods that are made in the company
  •       That is the legal protection for the brand
  •       Control the fraud that might happen to the goods and the services.

Situations and conditions when trademark consultation is required

  1. When the company’s trademark is registered, the owner will get the rights to the usage of the name, logo, and slogan that are connected with the product or service.
  2. When there is a requirement to register the trademark online they may reach out to the consultation.
  3. When the trademark registration is to be evaluated, they might need an attorney or a consultant to proceed further.
  4. Whenever there is an objection regarding the trademark, the attorney will be required to deal with the case in court.
  5. Having an attorney or consultation will make the applicant free from all the burdens he might have to face otherwise.

Documents required for Trademark Registration

  1. The name of the applicant along with their address and nationality.
  2. All the partners in the partnership firm have to submit their names and details.
  3. They have to submit the list of the goods and services to which the trademark should be registered. If the registration is to be done for many goods and services, then all of them should be mentioned in the application.
  4. The soft copy of the trademark should also be submitted along with the application stating the trademark registration.
  5. The date on which this trademark is used for the first time should also be mentioned in the application.
  6.  The power of attorney should also be attached along with the application for registration for the trademark. This power of attorney should be signed by the applicant.

Procedure to file or apply for a trademark

A common man with or without trademark consultation can file for a trademark when he follows this particular procedure.

  1. First, the application for the trademark has to be filed.
  2. All the records are to be verified to find if there is any other trademark similar to this.
  3. Usually, the trademark office will take time to verify and grant the trademark that is applied and to post this in the trademark journal.


If there is any opposition or objection from a party saying that they have a similar trademark, both of them have to settle the issue in court by providing the originality of the trademark. The Trademark will be granted by the trademark office or the court only when the case is won.