How To Sell Your Used Property For The Best Price?

Selling a used property that too at a handsome price is easier said than done. Especially when the real estate market is not very promising, considering the prevailing situations. As more and more used property pile up in the market, selling your old house is not going to be easy. In fact, at times, the delay in finding the right buyer with a great price offer can affect a lot of things in your life. 

Pricing Van Line, a credible moving company platform that has hundreds of top-rated and trusted state-to-state moving companies in its network, states that people who sell struggle with the sale of an old house while planning a moving process which turns out to be the worst situation one can face. Those who are permanently moving to another state have no use of a property in the existing town and hence selling it is the best decision. But, what about the price? Can you get the best deal?

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Expert tips for selling used property:

Yes, it is possible to sell your used property at a handsome price. All you need to do is be a little more vigilant and prepare for the big sale. Here are the best tips to sell your used property at the best price:

  • Sort out the documents:

If you are planning to sell your house, make sure you have all the documents handily available. You must arrange for the property ownership documents and society no-objection certificate (NOC) at the earliest. These two documents increase your credibility and give the potential buyers confidence in the title of the property. 

  • Work on a makeover:

It is always recommended to spruce up the property before you list it in the market. A fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior walls, some interior decoration tweaks, and some efforts to enhance the curb appeal can help you get a great price for the property. It has been verified by the experts that properties that are visually appealing get several times more price quotes than those which are actually better but fail to impress. 

  • Marketing is important:

Word of mouth is your way to let everyone know that you are putting your house for sale. Tell your neighbors and friends and ask them to spread the word further. In fact, most of the tine, your friends and family members would be the one to offer you a great offer because they know the neighborhood well, have known your property and maintenance for years and know what they will get from the deal.

  • Be realistic with the price:

What you expect from the property must be an acceptable price and not something above and beyond reality. It is common knowledge that the real estate market is sinking with each passing day. At such a time, you cannot expect people to pay you high price for your property. Hence, be wise when you fix the price for your property. To ensure that you price is reasonable, make sure you check the circle rate or ready reckoner rate. It is also advisable that you visit a broker and ask for guidance.

  • Engage an experienced broker:

Most of the times, selling a house without professional help can bite you back. It is hence advisable that you engage an experienced broker. Traditionally, brokers charge 2 percent of the transacting value. If the broker you choose is able to add value to the transaction, paying two percent of the amount should bother you. Besides, brokers have a great network and once they are in the picture, you won’t have to be bothered about lead generation, screening, documentation and engagement. However, as you hire a broker, make sure you have all the terms and conditions clarified and in writing. 

  • Stay serious to the business:

If you get an inquiry call, make sure you attend to it and if not, call back ASAP. Becoming ignorant towards any aspect of the process can land you in great trouble. Make sure you entertain the buyers, engage them and convert them with efficacy. Also maintain flexibility with what you want to sell and whatnot. 

Buying a second-hand property can help you save a lot of money for your new life at a new place. You can improve the new house and make it more luxurious and comfort giving, just the way you like. Keep these tips in mind and make sure that you sell your used and old property at the best price available.