How to stay Positive?

Staying positive is the question.  For some of us, it is harder than you think.  However, the main thing is to remain positive whatever the problem is that you think you have.  With a good attitude towards life, you can conquer the negativity around you and stay upright.  But, you ask yourself, how do we keep ourselves motivated and focus on the positive, when all it feels like just nonsensical thinking?

So maintaining that positive thought is a daily grind or challenge in itself.  We have to constantly focus and keep our picture straight, in other words, our attention is needed to focus on the fact and not on fantasy.  Be faithful to your brain, and keep it going by staying positive. But remember sometimes, you are so busy that you have no time to think positive, this then, where all those negative thoughts start to creep in and eat up your brain to act negatively.

Having negative thoughts can kill you.  You will be prone to illness than those people who think positive, even if they are on the verge of death!  Have you seen some terminally ill people and how beautiful and positive they are on their sickbed?   They remain always positive and cheerful of life and what it has to offer.  They strike such strong vibes in us; surely we can borrow a leaf of their book?  People with positive thoughts and good vibes live longer, their health is super-duper, their productivity at work is excellent, and all this is because they ooze positivity and energy from their entire body.   They are by far the most optimistic of all, than those who go all negative.

Here are just a few positive facts that you may want to borrow:

  1. The first thing to learn is to push all those crazy useless ideas and thoughts that enter your mind.  Push all the negativity out and keep positive in.  The more negative you are in your way of thinking, the more power it gets.  Most of our negative thoughts are not concrete facts.  We think of useless garbage most of the time.  So do not cultivate garbage in your brain it will become damn cancer and grow out of hand.  Plant only seeds of productivity and positivity in your mind.
  2. If you believe in negativity you are generally being a pessimist. Take a notebook and write down the good and bad in it and then sort it out.  Take out the good and throw out the pessimist in you.  Keep back the good thoughts and from here you can cultivate it.  Seek a good and trustworthy friend to help you out.  Talking to someone helps.  If it is office stuff that is worrying you, your friend will be able to help out by giving her ideas and two cents worth.

Take it.  Always talk to people who bring out the best in you.  People who are positive and will lift you up.  Do surround yourself with a crowd of positive and not negative people who will bring you down into the murky depths of their pessimism.  What you need is positive facts, work on this.  This will help you to move away from negativity and have a more positive look towards a better outlook.

Remember to identify the Positive  

Get off that defeated self – You.  Help your brain to learn what it needs to focus on- THE POSITIVE.  After doing this you will gradually get used to it. Every day think of something positive for your brain to work and feed on.  By doing this, you will see things moving for the better- thus; your mood too will be good.

When things are going bad, as they will do sometimes, then you mind and brain will be filled with negative thoughts.  This can be very challenging.  Think of how your day went today; was there something good in it?  Something even small is ok, it does not matter how tiny.  Just like it, and concentrate on it.  If you don’t have something good then focus on the previous day or last week’s positivity that you had. If you have to attend a social event, trip or party think of that, if nothing else!

So if you are feeling down in the dumps, and going toward ‘negativity’ – as soon as Mr.Negativity steps in throw him out, and replace with  Ms.Positive.  Once the positive fact has been identified keep your thoughts focused on it, and don’t let it stray! Each time it strays, away or you, find yourself drifting towards negative thoughts throw it, for fact and reality and pay attention for heaven’s sake!

Be Grateful

Be grateful for life itself.  Furthermore; be grateful you are alive.  Be grateful to the people around you.  Be grateful that you have good health, and a roof over you’re your head, food on your table so many things for you to be positive in life, and in your attitude toward life and you.  By showing gratitude to others it will make you a much happier and content person, your mood will be super fine, you have boundless amounts of energy, and less anxiety and stress.  So practice on being grateful.

Have some fun and energy

Have fun and spread some energy.  Skip, jump, dance, walk play, run with your pet, do some yoga, exercises whatever takes your fancy.  All these things will help both in your attitude and be healthy.  You will be stronger and more energetic and at the end of the day, every piece in the jigsaw of life will fit in and make you a much happier and positive, and less anxious person.

Eat Healthily

Stick to a healthy diet.  You need energy and fuel in your body.  So eat nutritious foods to build up your energy.  Eat more of vegetables than crap processed foods and sugars that can cause serious health problems.  See that you take proper nutrients and minerals.

  1. Avoid foods high in sugar and low in nutrition.  Avoid eating chocolate, candy bars, soda drinks; these foods will decrease your energy levels.
  2. Have foods that provide the necessary carbohydrates that are low in fat and yet have a moderate amount of protein.
  3. Do not skip meals.  Have all three or four meals that you have.  It is better to have quality healthy food than quantity.  Have everything in moderation.
  4. Drink lots of water.  Dehydration will lead to low energy levels.  Drink 8-9 glasses of water each day.
  5. Avoid drinking coffee and caffeine. These beverages can cause sleeplessness at night. Having a cup of coffee once in a blue moon is okay.

See that you take all the necessary vitamins and minerals.  These can be included in the food that you take.  See that vitamin B and iron are included in your meal plans as this is a source of your energy levels.

Get enough to sleep

This is very important to have a strong energy level.  If you wake up in the morning feeling tired and listless, then you are not going to get any work done the next day.  It is important that you have 8 hours of sleep.  Stick to your usual sleep pattern and do not change its routine.  Remember that it has got used to this time of sleep, so stick to it and do not deviate from the pattern.  If you do not have proper sleep, you can suffer from insomnia or sleep disturbances, this can lead to being tired all day, or even some other serious ailment when you will have to seek medical advice.

Practice Yoga.  Yoga is good for keeping a sound mind and healthy body workout.  It helps to relax the muscles and tone it done as well.  It is a major + point for also giving out positive vibes too.  To cultivate and embrace some yoga poses for your mind and body.

Feeling the blues? 

We all go stress and strain, pain and grief at some time or other.  How do we respond to this, or how do we cope, and remain positive at the same time?  Sometimes, we just have to hang in there somehow by hook or by crook right?  If you are religious, or spiritual-minded have faith, faith can heal and help a lot.  When things like this happen, just try and relax, meditate, and take deep breaths.  All that matters is how you see your problems, if you take a positive attitude even though you may be going through hell, or into a black hole, it’s your mind and thoughts on how you perceive or see it, that ultimately either brings you up or down, and how you ride through this storm and come through it, will ultimately make you the winner.

Always act with a purpose and positivity and tell yourself that you can do it.  Create positive emotions, for better performance and you will be rewarded with better results.

  • Act with a purpose in life
  • Take responsibility in your results
  • Go beyond your limits
  • Act now; take the bull by the horns! Don’t keep it for later, make it happen
  • Learn, learn from your mistakes
  • Learn and make use of your negativity and positive feedback to keep on target
  • Keep good thoughts in your mind
  • Seek people who bring out the good in you

Kick start your day with a positive attitude, stay happy and stress-free

  1. Just before you wake up.  Lie still in bed like a corpse!  Yes seriously, come back to earth slowly.  Try not to jar your movements.
  2. Try to remember your previous night’s dreams. A lot of people once awake cannot remember them.  Be still and pay attention to what you dreamt, this dream can reveal a lot of your emotions and state of mind.  You can work on this gradually as it will tell you on what moments of your dream can be improved.  If you get what I am saying!
  3. What makes you tick? Or be happy.  Write it down.  The things that you love doing.  Wake up with a smile and not a scowl in the morning.  If you keep smiling the whole world will be happy, and you are happy and on top of your form.  This will reflect in your happy and positive attitude.
  4. Relax take a pill and chill out – no no I did not mean to say to take medication pills,  but just saying, always try and relax this will help out loads.
  5. When you wake in the morning, get up and wake up slowly take your time, breath in and breath out – do some meditation as mentioned earlier on. Sit still and keep your back ramrod straight.   This will allow all the energy to seep into your spine.  When meditating let your thoughts flow and do not attach it with emotions.
  6. Try this out – stay away from social media at least one day of the week without peeking into FB and twitter all the time. Take some quality time out.  Rely on your own energy for a change to keep yourself positive.

Now go take Fido for a walk and bask in the delights of Nature.