How to Stay Safe & Well on Your Daily Commute

It is understandable that those that are required to go into work have a great deal of anxiety surrounding the Coronavirus and getting the train. You will want to do all that you can to stay safe on your commute not only to protect your own health but also the health of your household, the community and also to protect the healthcare system.

It is best to stay at home if possible but if you have to travel then here are a few key ways to stay safe on your commute.

Change Commute Time

One of the smartest ways to stay safe if you have to commute is to change the time that you travel. Try to travel off-peak if possible so that you are on a less busy train – you can look online to find the times of all trains available, such as a train from London Bridge to Dartford.

Maintain a Distance

You should also try to maintain a minimum distance of at least 2 meters at all times. This is, of course, very difficult on public transportation but where possible try to maintain a distance. Additionally, if you have to cough or sneeze then do your best to do this away from people and into your own arm.

 Wash Hands as Soon as Possible

You should try to wash your hands as soon as possible after your commute or use antibacterial hand wash after leaving the train. It is also important to try to avoid touching surfaces – this is hard on public transport but try to limit what you touch and be sure to wash hands as soon as possible. You also need to avoid touching your face to avoid getting any germs that you picked up into your system (this is always good advice).

Limit Public Transport Usage

Where possible, you should also try to limit the amount of public transport that you use. If you usually get the train followed by a bus, for example, then you could leave earlier than normal (as suggested above) and then opt to walk instead of getting the bus. This is not always an option but it is worth considering if you are able to.

Follow these tips to stay safe while traveling on public transport during the Coronavirus outbreak. It is best to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary in which case you must be vigilant and keep a close eye on any updates from the Government in the coming days and weeks.