How To Text A Girl [with examples]

Texting a girl can be so much fun.

You can flirt, tease and make each other laugh, but if done wrong, it can also ruin your chances with a cute girl.

In this post you will learn what to do and what you need to avoid at all costs so that you can succeed in your dating life.

Don’t text a girl too many emojis

The first mistake guys make is that they use wayyyyy too many emojis, for example:

  1. Hi [her name] ?, I’m so happy we got a chance to meet up, what are your plans this evening??
  2. You know I love you ?, don’t break my heart ?, let’s grab some ice cream later ?
  3. Your making me crazy ? with that dress, but I love it ?, TTYL, ?
  4. I love texting you ??, and I definitely can’t stop thinking about you ?

Don’t be like that!!

Let her send you emojis. Emojis are a girly thing.

If you really want to send her an emoji, stick with this one: ?

Send her funny texts

You just approached a girl and got her number, now what?

Make a joke about something you we’re talking about when you approached her, for example:

  1. I hope I don’t make you miss too many of your classes
  2. I don’t want to make you feel pressured or anything, but I am looking to start a family of 18 kids, you in?
  3. We are 100% BFF…. I mean best fries forever

She’ll start teasing you too and bang! You have a nice conversation going.

Just one warning: don’t play the waiting game.

When you approach a girl and get her number, send her a funny text immediately.

If you don’t move fast she’ll forget about you because of all of the other notifications on her phone.

Compliment her

The next step is to send her a nice compliment, this is actually much easier than most guys make it out to be.

Just make them personal, funny and try to end off with a question, for example:

  1. We can get coffee together, but one rule: you need to wear that same dress because it makes you look magical
  2. Tell me, do girls ever get jealous of your super shiny and natural looking hair?
  3. Your red lipstick just adds that perfect touch to your face

Tell her that you like her over text

The last step before you ask her out, is to tell her that you like her, here are some excellent examples from :

  1. Oh’ gosh, you like that movie! We are officially BFF’s
  2. You are so adorable, I might just be in love with you
  3. I love you because I can’t get over your cuteness
  4. You have a naturally good sense of style and I like it
  5. If I you don’t top smiling I’ll be forced to fall in love with you

Now that you’ve established trust and she’s interested in you, you are ready for the last step

Ask her out over text

You have to remember, texting is only a means to an end.

You’re only texting her so that you can meet up, make out, take her home and make her your GF!

Here’s how you ask a girl out over text:

  1. Great texting you, but why don’t we get some coffee together at the Starbucks on Smith avenue?
  2. You open this afternoon? Why don’t we have a picnic at the park near Walmart?
  3. I’m busy now, but I’d be happy to meet up later! What’s on your mind?

Nothing too complicated, just simple, fun and effective.


If you follow these tips you really can’t go wrong, but I want you to remember one thing: don’t be too serious.

Some guys get all stressed while texting a girl and spend an hour wording a sentence! Don’t be like that.

Texting is meant to be fun and if she doesn’t like you, that’s OK. There are plenty of other girls that would be overjoyed to be your girlfriend.