How to Visit Las Vegas on a Budget

Everyone loves a good old fashioned Vegas trip. But the thing about visiting “The Gambling Capital of the World” is it helps to come with plenty of cash already in hand. Regardless if you plan on gambling, or even if you anticipate leaving with more than you came, Las Vegas runs on the almighty dollar. But one of the wonderful parts of Sin City is there’s plenty of fun to be had whether you’re rich or living paycheck-to-paycheck. So pack your bags and get ready to paint America’s Playground red all at an affordable cost, or even better, free! This is the BBN guide to visiting Las Vegas on a budget.

Charter A Bus With Friends

It’s more difficult to convince a group of friends to join a Vegas trip when last-minute plane tickets are involved. The same goes for road trips that require multiple tanks of gas. This is why, if you have enough people, chartering a mini-bus can often be the most cost-efficient method of transportation. Group rates can particularly help bring the cost down. Click here to learn more about how much it will cost to get you to Las Vegas and back.

Visit During Low Season

Rule number one for visiting Las Vegas on a budget is to avoid weekends and holidays, as well as special events like conventions, boxing or UFC matches, and music festivals. This means taking off from work to visit on a weekday, or planning your trip during Vegas’ low seasons. Low season in Las Vegas is usually July through August and November through December (holidays excluded).

Book a Hotel Off the Strip

Hotels off the strip tend to run cheaper, in addition to not having the standard resort fees of most resorts on the strip. Hotels off the strip often don’t charge for parking. They also may include laundry facilities and in-room kitchenettes. With the ability to do laundry and cook, you’ll be less inclined to spend money shopping for new clothes or going out for meals.

Avoid or Limit Gambling

I know, I know — what’s Las Vegas without gambling? If you didn’t gamble, were you ever even there? While gambling is a fun way to make some fast cash, it’s also the easiest and quickest way to let your budget get out of hand. If you’re committed to spending at least some of your trip in the casinos, do yourself and your bank account a favor and set an amount ahead of time with which you’re comfortable losing. The moment you eclipse that number, it’s time to walk away. Self restraint is a hell of a virtue. And it’s particularly difficult to practice in such a debaucherous town as Las Vegas. But the more you lose, the less likely you’ll be to return anytime soon. And you don’t want that. Vegas is a town meant for enjoying yourself, not destroying yourself.

Lounge at the Pool

If there’s one thing, along with casinos, that Las Vegas has an abundance of, it’s swimming pools. With each hotel offering at least one pool, pick a spot and settle in for the day for a small fee (it’s free if you’re a hotel guest). Order some cocktails, sunbathe, splash around to the sounds of the poolside DJ, and enjoy the luxuries of Vegas without the stress of gambling away your life savings. It’s infinitely more relaxing.

Stock Up at the Liquor Store

Everyone knows if you spend enough time in the casinos the waitresses will bring you free drinks. As long as you tip well, they’ll keep the drinks coming. However, outside of the casinos alcoholic beverages can be served with quite a hefty price tag. In order to avoid this easy waste of money, while simultaneously taking advantage of the city’s open container laws, stock up on alcohol at your hotel’s nearest liquor store. Pour yourself a cup (no glass) and walk around the city drinking for free all night long.

Brunch Buffet

It’s difficult to avoid buffets when in Las Vegas. But if you stay at one long enough, you can at least squeeze a couple meals out of it. However, the price can sometimes make you rethink your decision. If you’re interested in a Las Vegas buffet experience on a budget, might we suggest a brunch buffet. Full of delicious breakfast items, as well as a majority of the same dishes served later in the day — brunch buffets are always cheaper than dinner buffets. The Bellagio Buffet is a great option for brunch.

Free Live Music

Whether it’s bar bands, street performers, casino lounge singers, or free summer concerts at the Fremont Street Experience — there is no shortage of free live music along the Las Vegas Strip.

Anything Is Possible

And just like that, you’ve had a relatively cheap Vegas trip for the ages. I bet you thought it couldn’t be done. Anything is possible in Las Vegas. And unlike the popular adage, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” — you don’t have to keep these budget-friendly tips to yourself. Share them with the world and come back again soon.