How to write a Cover Letter for a job application

A cover letter is a single-page letter and a tool to introduce yourself in a compelling and explorative way while applying for a job. It is an expressive way of giving a thorough introduction of your personality, skills, profession as well as your instincts and achievements. You better include the cover letter with your job application even though it is asked for or not, unless it is recommended not to do so. The best way to express yourself in a cover letter is to address the concern that you are qualified and best suitable for the said post

Let’s have a look at writing a cover letter for a job application. Before writing a cover letter for a job application, plan its content according to the job description. This way, it will address better the concerns of the employer and will present you in an explorative and compelling way. A cover letter with a proper presentation mostly consists of three parts:

  • An introduction of your personality and passion
  • A skillful and concise view of your approach to work, recent work experiences, and responsibilities of the recent past.
  • Concise conclusion 

You can add further details and various other sections if you are willing to. Being a summary of your resume, a cover letter should not be more than one page. It is better to use different cover letters for different jobs and write down according to the job description of the said post, involving and addressing employer requirements, skills and experiences.


At first, find out who to address this cover letter. Don’t start with a phrase or starting channel like “To whom it may concern”. Start with the name of the person you are addressing to or his/her designation in case the name is not disclosed. Put some efforts in finding out the name of the person to whom the cover letter will be addressed, even if you have to make a call or send an e-mail. It is recommended to use Mr. or MS in the first place and their last name rather than their first name.

Moving ahead with the body of the cover letter, the first paragraph will be about the job description, employer requirements and how you could meet them. Use a clear and precise tone rather than ambiguous words and express your concerns legitimately. Then, in the second paragraph, discuss why you are a perfect fit for the company. This paragraph will entail your skills matching the required skills of the job and your working abilities, problem-solving techniques and professional approach to the work, as well as, adaptation to any type of working environment.

The third paragraph

Then, there comes the third paragraph, which addresses the concern that how the company is the best fit for you. Here, discuss the benefits and offerings by the company and how they meet your required skills and benefits you are looking for through a job. This way you can explore and present a suitable body of your cover letter. In the end, conclude it with a concise closing like “Kind regards” or something more elaborative. This way, a cover letter will put a durable impression on your employer and he/she will consider you for that specific job.