How To Write An Email Cover Letter

Writing a hard copy cover letter is a tradition of bygone days now. Because now jobs are advertised through social media platforms and different digital channels and applicants are directed to forward their application through an online platform or by sending an e-mail. Today, recruiting managers require you to forward your resume and online cover letters through e-mail, so that they may assess it through recruiting software with ease.
An e-mail cover letter is not much different from the hard-copy cover letter. As it also expresses your expertise and skills matching with the job description and entails your personality to work in a dynamic environment. It is an online version of a hard-copy cover letter with little or no difference. First of all, use a professional-looking email address rather than an email address containing random numbers and special characters. Then, in the subject line of the email, state the position you are applying for and your name. This lets the recruiting managers know you at a glance.

The start

Start the body of the cover letter with greetings to whom you are addressing your cover letter. Start with warm words like “Dear Hiring Manager”. These words will pose a welcoming and soothing gesture which is considered as the first step towards you being hired for the job. Referring to the body of an email cover letter, this might be the same as a hard-copy cover letter. Start the main paragraph by showing interests and instincts in the listed job and accompany it with your recent and related experiences that will give a handy push to your application and make it worthwhile.

You can add URLs in the body of your cover letter curtailing the details and accomplishments of your recent past and recent employment history. You can also attach the samples of your past work through this URL method as these will give you an edge on other applicants. This could only be beneficial if you have a closely-related work example and professional project aligned with the job requirement. These examples and past projects will project the validity and qualities you possess and the skills you possess as well.

In the end of your cover letter

In the end, conclude your email cover letter with a closing note, thanks to remarks or by expressing your readiness to meet the recruiting managers for an in-person interview. You can also add that your resume is attached to the email and could be found at the end of this cover letter. Including closing remarks with a signature is a must. Because signature will give it a professional look and express your readiness for the job. This could be set up on your email account and will always appear at the end of every email. You can also add personal details including full name, contact details, addresses and professional social media links like LinkedIn account.

At last, attach your resume with the format mentioned by your employer. This will make your interest clear and sturdier in the said post. Be optimistic and energetic for the future and be prepared always.