How to Write and Submit Articles to Business Publications

If you are a good writer and someone who loves to research, then you must be eligible to write and publish your original content on the business publication houses. However, there is a certain format or discipline that needs to be followed to write and submit those articles on the business publication websites.

  1. Know which type of essay you want to write

There are multiple articles and essays that can be written by a writer. These genres are academics, descriptive, how to, narrative, personal, and many others. The basic format of each article might remain the same, but the style keeps changing.

For example, academic and descriptive essays or articles are often professional and informative. But the narrative, how to, and persuasive essays are kind of informal, persuasive, engaging, and even entertaining.

  1. Make sure your ideas are original

For writing the articles, you need to follow through original content. Copying the content can get you into trouble. Most of the business publication houses already have the online premium software for checking the plagiarism of the content that you want to publish.

And if you do not upload original content, then your articles will be denied and rejected, or you might even be penalized for the same.

Therefore, always make sure to check the originality percentage of your content.

  1. Make sure you use the proper statistical tools for writing scientific or well-researched articles

If you are interested in writing scientific or any other well-researched articles, then you must ensure that you are using top-notch tools that are required for the verification of the hypothesis that you conduct through the medium of your writing.

These charts, models, graphs, are usually dependent on some kind of other primary or secondary datasets. So, you should know how to read, interpret, and analyze them to write better articles that can be accepted and published by the business publication websites easily.

  1. Read and find your favorite niche

Writing articles is not a task that can be completed within a single day. You have to find the niche which you are perfect in. This does not happen in an hour or a week. For this, you have to form a practice. 

This practice includes reading other articles, finding the best publication houses that can give you other materials to read on similar topics, and then ultimately finding the content that is impacting you the most.

After you find that, you have to chisel your writing skills. Again, it is a habit that you have to inculcate in your daily routine. You should set daily, weekly, and monthly writing goals to achieve the amount of perfection in the essays or articles that you write.

Once that is done, you can submit the application for the essay or the article that you have written on websites like

  1. Find the publication website that can provide you with free articles

Most of the time, the elite publications have premium or paid articles. So, they demand you to spend hundreds of dollars on getting access. At times, the numbers even go up to a thousand or so for the continuous subscription.

However, you must also find those business publication websites which can provide a bank of free articles. This can save you in real from a lot of expenditure. Even these free articles can help you boost your knowledge and the writing format from the beginning.

And after some time, you can even ask those publication houses to publish your articles which you have written off-lately. 

  1. Get to know how many formats can the publishing website accept at the moment

Many leading business publishing websites often accept only the word document file. However, other websites that always promote the writers to upload their content can offer you extensions like pdf, .docx, as well as the .txt files.

If you are getting a website that is giving you those many options, then it can be a great source to invest your time and content on. That is because now you are not limited or obligated to upload only one type of the file.

And most of the time, writers feel better while uploading the pdf file instead of the word document file, just to maintain the copyright of their originally written content.