How You Can Do Your Personal Yes or No Tarot Card Reading for Relationship Questions

From the past to the present, the tarot has always been known to guide people with their problems and dilemmas. Whether they have problems with work, family, friends, love, and many others, tarot can give the person insightful advice that they can use. However, while tarot does provide insightful answers, some people find it confusing with the answers that they received from the traditional tarot reading. Especially when it comes to relationship questions, some or most people need answers that are direct, simple, and definitive. Well, they do not need to look any further.

One of the modern uses of tarot is that the tarot can answer your question with a definitive yes or no. Of course, like the traditional tarot reading, the yes or no tarot reading is another learning experience. Thus, if you want to know more, then continue to read this article.

How to do the reading?

The preparation of doing a yes or no tarot reading is the same as any traditional tarot reading. Before you shuffle your cards, make sure that you can formulate a good question. After shuffling, pull the number of cards you need. The simplest way of doing a yes or no tarot reading is to draw a single card and look at your guide if it is a yes or no. However, if you know of a tarot spread that complements the yes or no tarot, then you can use it if you want.

Is it effective?

The effectivity of the yes or no tarot is dependent on how well you formulated your question. Unlike with the Traditional Tarot Reading, the yes or no tarot answers you with a simple yes or no. For this to be effective, you need to ask questions that are answerable by yes or no.

How to formulate the right questions?  

As stated, the quality of the answer will depend on the quality of your question. To get specific answers, you need to ask questions that are specific and not ambiguous. Do not ask questions that are open-ended, vague, and indefinite. However, if done right, there is a way the yes or no tarot can answer questions involving when and where. Take a look at some examples below.


  • Will (name of person you like) ask me on a date tonight?
  • Will New Year’s Eve be the right time to ask my partner to marry me?


  • If I take my family to the (name of place), will they enjoy it?
  • Should I go hiking in (name of place) with my friends?

Sample relationship questions

To give you an idea, here are some questions you can use when doing a yes or no tarot reading.

    Questions involving your family:

  • Will my family be happy if I get into a relationship with my crush?
  • Will I be able to go on vacation with my family next month?
  • Will my family support me if I study abroad?

    Questions involving your friends

  • Should I go into business with my friends?
  • Is there a chance I will fall in love with my best friend?
  • Will I become friends again with my former best friend?

    Questions involving your love interests:

  • Should I try asking her on a date?
  • Will my relationship with my girlfriend or boyfriend last?
  • Will I meet my romantic partner if I will go to the company dinner tonight?

How to make a yes or no tarot?  

  1. Upright vs Reverse

The Upright vs Reverse Method simply means that if the card is in an upright position, then it means yes. However, if the card is in reverse, then it means no.

  1. Assigning your own deck.

In this method, you must gather your tarot deck, study the image on each card, and assign a yes or no to each card base on what you feel and see. For example, the Star Card or Sun Card can be a yes, while the Moon Card or Hanged Man Card can be a no.

  1. Playing cards

If you do not have a tarot deck, then regular playing cards are a good alternative. While it only contains 52 cards as opposed to the 78 tarot cards, you can still use regular playing cards. Since there are four suits in a regular playing card, assign two suits with a yes and another two suits with a no.

Always think twice

Like traditional tarot reading, the yes or no tarot is only a guide to help you with your decisions. Especially when it comes to life-changing decisions like marriage, you should always consider the effects of your decision. Do not immediately act if you are unsure of the answer that you received from the tarot.

Getting answers you did not like

With every tarot reading, there is always the chance for you to receive answers that you will not like. If you are sure that you formulated the right question, but you still received an answer that you did not like, you take it as an opportunity for you to learn why you received that answer.

Learn more about yes or no tarot

Doing yes or no tarot correctly can be difficult. At first, it can be difficult to formulate the right question, but with the right help you can eventually get the hang of it. If you want to know more about yes or no tarot, then click this website, Tarot Prophet. The website can provide you with an exact guide as to how to do a yes or no tarot.