Wednesday, August 4 , 2021

    I Am Asian. Can I Still Get Natural Looking Or Good Results From Hair Restoration?

    When you think of getting hair restoration done, there are multiple thoughts which lands up in your mind related to this procedure.  People often have many misconceptions about hair restoration procedure and have very vague idea. In this case, prior to being decisive it is important to attend a consultation with hair transplant surgeon to clear your doubts and misconceptions.

    Here are few myths which people often have regarding this procedure:

    1. Procedure which regenerates your hair: Hair transplant is solely a procedure of restoring your hair by transferring the hair follicles from donor area to recipient area. It has no role in forming new follicles on your scalp.
    2. Shaving the hair from one side and sticking it on other side: It is a précised procedure of extracting hair follicles under asepsis from the safe donor area (back and side of the head) and implanting it on recipient site mainly frontal and vertex area on the scalp.
    3. Taking artificial hair or some other person’s hair: It is a procedure where your own hair follicles are extracted (autografts) from donor area and not artificial or some other person hair.

    People often based on this myths believes that they might not get natural looking appearance or best results as the transplanted hair might not match their natural hair. But the reality is the transplantation involves your own hair so there is no role of racial difference and ethnic backgrounds. Anyone with hair loss can opt for the procedure of hair transplant by any hair transplant surgeon all over the world if he/she is a right candidate for it based on their situation.

    Including if done by expert surgeon anyone can achieve best hair restoration results and gain your lost confidence by hair loss.

    There are certain factors on which natural results are based unlike racial difference and ethnic backgrounds. They are as follows:

    1. Expert and experienced hands: Experienced hands remain always a requirement for best results. Similarly with hair transplant if performed by expert surgeon will surely achieve natural results when compared to inexperienced.

    Dr suneet Soni of “Medispa centre” has an experience of years with a success rate of 100% and is well known to perform the best hair transplant in India.

    1. Artistic skills: Hair transplant is a procedure which requires excellent surgical skills for increased success rate and artistic skills to achieve natural results. Hence, along with qualification and experience one more essential ingredient to achieve natural results is artistic skills which is an inborn talent and doesn’t come with experience. If a cosmetic or hair transplant surgeon is gifted with this talent, it depicts the credibility of that surgeon to achieve natural results.

    Dr Suneet Soni is one such highly skilled hair restoration surgeon who has been god gifted with extraordinary artistic skills to replicate hairline design for natural looking results.

    1. Technique: FUT and FUE are the primary techniques employed to harvest graft. The decision of choosing the technique should be taken judiciously by the clinician so as to get the best results. Techniques opted has a major role in attaining successful aesthetic outcome of hair transplant surgery. Here comes the benefit of combination technique of FUT+FUE where we can achieve single grafts by FUT to be transplanted in the frontal hair line as well as to construct the temporal triangles for natural looking results and multiple thick Grafts by FUE which we can be transplanted from 3rd row of hairline mixed with FUT Grafts to give better density and fuller look.

    Hence, a surgeon should have immense knowledge of performing hair transplant in a manner which delivers perfect results with fuller look and aesthetic appearance.

    Dr Suneet Soni has expertise in strong decision making which is in best interest of patients. He is well known to introduce bio stimulated combination technique of FUT and FUE in Delhi and Jaipur. He has also been invited in various international conferences to present review on this technique. He is also member of various international societies of cosmetic surgeries including International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI), and Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHRS).

    You belong to any nation or any ethnic background; hair transplant could be a best choice for you to change your life by achieving flocks of lost hair again. Feel free to visit, Dr Suneet Soni: Founder of Medispa Hair transplant centre for consultation in case of any query. You will surely be free of doubts by the end of the consultation.


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