Wednesday, August 4 , 2021

    How to Bypass iCloud Activation lock on iPhone and iPad

    It is important to know what is Activation Lock for Apple Devices? In simply, it is a very special feature and that formed to keep safe all the information and personal data of iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Apple Watch, and Mac. If the device will be stolen, the Activation Lock can keep safe all the data. If you are with accurate Apple ID login details, you can use them to erase the Activation Lock by entering them. But, you have to sign out from iCloud before anything else. If not, still the Activation Lock can keep safe everything. This is serious when you do not have correct login details. Therefore, unlock methods that we specifically use behind iCloud call iCloud Bypass . Learn more about iCloud Bypass Activation Lock.

    iCloud Bypass

    Erase iCloud Bypass Activation lock

    It is important to remember that sign out from iCloud is important if you wish to completely delete your iCloud Bypass Activation lock . And the same thing should follow if wish to put the iDevice into recovery mode and restore it. Use the same Apple ID is the most important fact. Without Apple ID username and the password that you used on your device, you cannot remove or even iCloud Bypass at all. But if your iPhone or iPad is with iOS 11 or later, you have the special feature two-factor authentication; you can simply turn off the Activation Lock using the Passcode of the device. So you can simply select Unlock with Passcode option and enter your passcode accurately. There are plenty of methods to Bypass iCloud. The famous method is jailbreaking your iPhone with the Checkra1n tool and then Bypass iCloud.

    checkra1n jailbreak

    Before purchased a device from authorized Apple reseller

    This is a crucial fact to know if you decided to purchase an iPhone or iPad from an authorized Apple reseller. It is important to check the device if it has been completely removed the iCloud account of the previous owner. It should not link to the previous account at all when you have it on your hands. There is an issue if a Mac or an Apple Watch is still protected by Activation Lock. If in case you see the message of request Apple ID user name and password, it is important to contact the prior owner of the device right away.

    And there is one more thing to remind. If you will ask for the Passcode, it means the device yet to erase its Activation Lock. But, it is just the request message of Activation Lock, the device yet to release from the previous user’s account.

    Steps to contact the previous owner

    • Search and sign in using respective Apple ID
    • Turn to Find My iPhone and select All Devices from the top of the screen
    • Select the certain device that you wish to remove
    • And then select Erase > Next. Follow this step until the device will completely remove from iCloud
    • Finally, end the process by click Remove from Account option

    Note: When the device will remove by the prior owner, you can restart the device and go through the setup process.

    iCloud Bypass using Doulci tool

    Doulci is a popular third-party application for iCloud Bypass . It is an online application that can go through Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. You can connect the locked device to the machine using a proper lightning cable and follow each step that displays on the screen. But for that, the device should run iOS 7.0 or later. For Doulci is a third-party tool, you have to find out more info and go through for iCloud Bypass.


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