If You Have a Passion For Travel, Join a Travel Club

Do you love travelling? Maybe you’re a little bored with going on solo trips or adventures with a select group of friends and wish to broaden your horizons and life experiences? A travel club, whether it be a local travel club, exclusive travel club or even an international travel club, is a fantastic way to get out and explore new places with like-minded people.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why participating in one or more travel clubs could be a great idea for you.

Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone

Often when people travel they tend to get stuck in certain patterns, possibly even travelling to the same locations over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with this, but the travel passion can grow a little stale if you’re not being stimulated by new adventures to places you’ve never seen before.

When you become a part of a travel club, you’ll find yourself embarking on adventures that you might not have even thought of or considered before. It’s an easy way to expand your experiences and step outside your travel comfort zone. When you’re with a group, it’s easier to feel more confident and optimistic about exploring regions of the country or the world that you may have shied away from before.

Get Exclusive Deals Available Only To the Travel Club

This is a huge advantage to joining most travel clubs. When you have an organised group of people travelling to a particular destination, you end up with group buying power. While discounts are not always guaranteed, it’s possible to negotiate cheaper deals on things like travel expenses, hotel stays, restaurant meals, sightseeing tours, car hire, souvenirs and more.

There is a good chance you can save yourself some dollars by being a part of a travel group. Some travel clubs charge a fee to join while others are simply a free way of getting a group of people together to embark on new journeys.

There’s always a possibility of negotiating better deals when there’s a group of people travelling to the same destination, staying at the same hotel etc..

Think Of All the New Friends You’ll Make

We generally make friends by having something in common with others. If travelling is a passion of yours and you join a travel club filled with other passionate travellers, you have the perfect ice breaker to form lasting friendships. They might be friends and acquaintances you have just when you’re travelling, or they could become life-long friends that you get together with on other occasions as well.

We can never have too many good friends and if you love travelling to new and exotic locations, what’s better than befriending a group of people who share the same love for travelling that you do?

You Will Never Feel Alone

Travelling solo can be an interesting experience in itself and you’ll likely always meet new people while on your adventures, but when you’re a part of a group, you’ll never be alone on your travels if you don’t want to be.

Your travelling buddies will always be there with you. Another advantage is there is safety in numbers, so you’ll have peace of mind when travelling to destinations you’ve never been to before.

Become An Administrator and Learn New Skills

You could even start your very own travel club or become one of the administrators of a travel club you’ve joined. You’ll still reap all the benefits of being a part of this exclusive group, as well as learning new skills such as management, people skills, organisational skills, negotiating skills and more.

You’ll also learn to become a leader, growing in confidence with each successful journey you help organise.

Finding a Travel Club Near You

If you want to join an organised travel club in your area, one of the easiest ways to locate one is to jump online and do a search. For example, if you live in Sydney you could try searching for:

It’s well worth considering finding a travel club to join, as there are many advantages to being a member of one.