Loss Transfer

Importance of Hiring a Loss Transfer Lawyer

Loss TransferLoss transfer defense and recovery is a common risk management technique. It’s an effective tool for people to mitigate their losses and maximize their recoveries. An individual or entity, facing a potential loss from an adverse outcome can shift the loss to a third party. Purchasing insurance is a common example of loss transfer programs. Loss transfers take place in between different types of vehicle insurers for accident benefit payments. A loss transfer lawyer eases the process of recovery for the client.

Why loss transfer?

Loss transfer was introduced back in 1990 to balance the cost of providing accident benefits. The process takes place between insurers of classes of automobiles specified in the Regulation. It is the process by which an insurer pays No-Fault benefits in lieu to recover the reimbursement from the insurer party at fault for the accident. Lost recovery attorneys guide the clients to avoid making some common mistakes that may cost them thousands or even millions of dollars.

Conditions to apply for loss transfer 

  1. Motorcycles:  After an accident, the individual must be insured by a policy that insures a motorcycle.  The other vehicle involved in the accident should not be a motorcycle; it can be motorized snow vehicles or any other off-road vehicle. In this case, the insurer of the motorcycle pays accidental benefits to the insured.
  2. Motorized snow vehicles: The accident must involve a person who has insurance for a motorized snow vehicle. The accident must involve another class of vehicle which is not a motorcycle, motorized snow vehicle. The accidental benefit is transferred to its insured from the insurer of the motorized snow vehicle.
  3. Heavy commercial vehicles: Just in the same way mentioned above, in this case, the accident must involve a heavy commercial vehicle and another type of vehicle. The injured person in another vehicle must not be claiming accidental benefits under a policy insuring a heavy commercial vehicle.

Why hire a loss transfer lawyer?

  1. The lawyers have extensive knowledge and a productive working relationship within the industry. They start the case with an in-depth review, determining the best course of action.
  2. One can get unparalleled recovery results with the maximum loss transfer recovery rate. The attorneys are well-experienced to address any issues that may arise. Be it coverage disputes or questions of liability, the client can get satisfactory results.
  3. The attorneys make the process hassle-free for the client. They manage the complete process from communicating status updates to the fee structure.


It’s important to keep in mind that policy terms, add-on covers, claim settlement and other procedures may change over time and they differ from one company to the other. An individual should go for an insurance policy after deciding upon policy terms, add-on covers, claim settlement, etc. Consulting a loss transfer lawyer is also a great decision. Doing research will help to find out the best one that will meet the specific requirements of the individual.