Thursday, October 6 , 2022

 Important factors to consider when Buying a Smartphone

The smartphone is an important part of our lives nowadays. We carry phones everywhere, we can not only place calls and send text messages, but we can also use the Internet and multiple apps to get done our works.

In today’s era, we use a phone for almost all purposes, we use the phone for communication, taking pictures & videos, uploading documents on the cloud, internet browsing, and for many other useful purposes. That is why choosing the right smartphone is essential.

There are different things that you should consider when buying a smartphone, as well as a review platform like ANewCellPhone. In this context, we will discuss the significant things that you can consider when buying a smartphone.

Consider these things when buying a new smartphone

  1. The Display

The important decision before buying a smartphone is to have a look at the size of the screen. There are a variety of smartphones available in the market, like small, medium, and large.

A phone with a 5.5 – 6 inch HD display is an ideal option. One other new feature that is available on display is call notch. Mainly, all the companies prefer to make their screens in a notch. So consider buying a phone in a notch and has resolution 1920×1080 pixels or above.

  1. Processor, RAM, and GPU

These are important factors to consider while buying a new smartphone. The process powerful of everyone is different and it depends on a couple of factors like OS version, User interface, bloatware, and many more. You have to check is it a single core, dual or quad-core, what are the speed and process make.

What’s the speed of GPU, and how much RAM does it offer? Is it 1GB, 512Mb, 2GB, 3 or 4GB? The higher the speed, the fast processor it contains. Opt for the fast processor if you are going to do photo/video editing, streaming, play video games online.

  1. Camera

Those days are gone when we packed a camera when going on a vacation. But now, we use our smartphone to capture all the photos and videos.

So if you are a traveler or if you like to take pictures or videos, you have to consider this option seriously.

Many phones are coming with a 13-megapixel or more, but it is not enough. So having a proper look at camera speed, image quality, aperture, autofocus, and additional features is essential while picking a phone.

  1. Battery

The battery factor depending on the usage of a person. If you are a person, who uses multiple apps simultaneously, watching movies, listening to music, and playing games, then go for the phone, which has a long-lasting battery. For average or light users, 3000mAh battery is okay, but if you love to use a phone for your multi-purposes, so consider 3500mAh or 4000mAh battery.

  1. Operating System (iPhone or Android)

Google Android is the number one mobile operating system on the planet and widely usable. If you want a phone with good choices, the best prices, having more control over the phone, then you can go for the Android OS.

Similarly, if we talk about Apple’s iPhone, it’s the most popular phone on the planet. For many peoples, the iPhone is the only choice they will ever use. Apple makes a variety of iPhones, and it’s the best with respect to value for money.

  1. Internal Storage

Internal storage does matter for various purposes, especially if you want to save your daily activities and data on the phone. Along with capturing high-quality photos and videos, if you love to play games on phones, so internal storage is an important factor you have to consider.

The standard internal storage of premium smartphones is 32GB nowadays. For the common purpose, we recommend 64GB, but if you like to capture and save photos and videos on the phone, so go for 128GB. Along with internal phone storage, a microSD card either help to expand storage, but it is not available on apple’s phone.

  1. Cost

Last but not least, the important factor you to consider about your budget. Smartphones are available from different specs with multiple features. All you need to know how much you want to spend on your next smartphone? But obviously, prices tend to go higher if you are looking for phones having a good processor, memory, camera, and display.