Interesting Recreational Activities to Do with the Whole Family

Weekends must be time for the whole family. With the busy schedule every member has, it is no question that a weekend getaway or even a simple dinner with loved ones is an achievement already for every family.

Now, if you are really dead serious about having a family time that is planned and prepared, then you must know some of the best recreational activities every member of the family will surely enjoy!

Read on!

Fun Activities to Do With Loved Ones

  1. Camping
    This is probably a very classic outdoor activity. This is especially exciting for kids because they get to fulfill their dreams of sleeping in the woods or in an open area with just a tent. I’m pretty sure that you, as a kid, dreamed of it many times in the past.
    Camping is beneficial for kids because they get to be one with nature. Parents have the chance to teach their kids the importance of taking care of Mother Earth. Also, camping gives everyone the opportunity to be creative and adventurous.
  2. Fishing
    While this may not be for everyone, this is probably one of those activities that you do and get a tangible result in a short period of time. How? With all the types of fish you can catch, it’s a quick fruit of your long wait.

Although it’s kind of boring for some, this teaches a lot of lessons in life: fishing is good for kids because doing this requires so much patience. That way, kids will develop a good character. It will make them not easily upset by things that do not come easy. Also, it teaches everyone that there are things worth the wait. 

As time passes by, the at first boring kind of activity will turn out to be fun, especially if you like challenges, like thinking of a strategy to catch fish, so your time won’t be put to waste by waiting for too long for fish to bite the lure. 

  1. Biking
    Although this needs all members of the family to have their own bicycles, this is gonna be a great family bonding. Can you imagine breaking your children’s habit of playing their video games and finally making them get off their couches?

Instead of buying your kid’s video game consoles, why not buy them bicycles? Biking is a good cardio exercise, making it a good way to get fit and healthy as a family. It also helps in developing focus as you have to really pay attention to what’s ahead of you, so if your kids are easily distracted by a lot of things, involve them in biking.

However, aside from bikes, when going biking as a fun hobby, then you must also have other kits and accessories. Visit Bike Smarts for more details about biking must-haves.

  • Swimming

While this may be the most dangerous one, this is a life-saving activity to do with the whole family. At a young age, parents should teach their children how to swim. Families love outings at the beach or resort, so when the members of the family know how to swim, parents won’t have to worry too much.

Also, this will be loved by kids as they love to be in the water all the time. Notice how they enjoy flood and rain? If that makes them happy, and so does swimming. 

  • Picnic

Old but gold it is indeed. If you have a family that is always into eating together, then this recreational activity is perfect for you. Kids might get involved in the preparation, making them think their thoughts are considered and valued. Also, kids will get to express their creativity. They will also have a fun bonding time with their siblings while preparing what they will eat for their Picnic.

On the other hand, the dad should think of fun games and prizes, so during the picnic, they will have other things to do aside from chewing some delicious food.  

  • Card or Board Games

Playing some card or board games is a great family bonding too that can be done while in the picnic. Just make sure you are not betting a big amount of money ‘cause that is a different story.
You can implement punishments instead of losers. Punishments might like this: winners can put lipstick on the loser’s face, and stuff like that.

  • Gardening and Planting

Kids love to get messy. What if there’s a chance that a kid has too much mud and dirt on their clothes and at the same time they practice a greener habit? Well, that is what happens when you involve your children in tree planting or gardening.

This way, you are able to teach children the value of plants and trees, and you are also giving them an opportunity to give back to mother nature. 

Final Words
Staying home, having lunch or dinner together on weekend is already a great family bonding, but if you want something more exciting and fun, then you might want to follow the ideas above. Just make sure every member will participate. After all, it’s about family bonding.