Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

Interview with Best Selling Author Stephen Perkins and His New Book Sky Parlor

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Perkins new novel will leave you thoroughly engrossed and entertained. Following the success of his previous Best Seller “Twilight’s Last Glory,” we caught up with the author to ask him a number of questions about his new release.Check here
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Question 1 

In your Best Selling novel “Twilight’s Last Glory ” you take on the concept of post-apocalyptic warfare. What was your inspiration behind your new novel Sky Parlor?

I was inspired by what was considered to be the unique and dramatic possibilities of speculatively imagining the reincarnation of mythical figures from America’s historical past, and placing them into the unfamiliar setting of a post-apocalyptic society. Judging from the overly positive reactions one has observed a mere one month after Sky Parlor’s release, I would have to conclude, such a premise proved to be a solid foundation upon which to build an epic but entertaining narrative that spans centuries.  

Question 2

How would you compare all of your novels? Which one is your favorite?

Although, I’m suitably proud of the six titles released thus far, I would assess my latest three books, Sorcerers’ Dynasty, Twilight’s Last Glory, and, of course, the most recent release, Sky Parlor, as not only having demonstrated a great deal of growth in the expression of my prose writing and storytelling craft, but from a purely commercial standpoint, to have aided in well-developing an identifiable brand both loyal and new readers will readily recognize and ultimately appreciate. 

Question 3 

Who is your favorite character in this novel and why?

One of the most significant characters in the dramatic unfolding of Sky Parlor’s thrilling narrative is named Desmond Starr, a character who finds himself – somewhat to his surprise – appointed to an important political position within the mythical dystopian society of Sky Parlor. Though he is youthful and ambitious, he is an ordinary person thrown amid extraordinary circumstances, circumstances which may have a profound impact upon the survival of the human race. Prospective readers are certain to find his struggle to maintain a moral bearing while faced with public adulation and his own burning ambitions, and, as well, Desmond’s courageous transformation while hopelessly trapped within the maze of a Machiavellian political scheme to be truly dramatic and fascinating. They will also be fascinated to discover whether Desmond’s prescient spiritual vision of the distant past – encountered during the second act of Sky Parlor – will result in humanity’s demise or ultimate survival.        

Question 4 

You introduce mythology into this novel. Why was that important for you?

I’ve always found the greatest examples in the literary canon – Dickens, for example – to not only have utilized traditional mythical constructs to create fascinating characters, but to have creatively redefined such traditional myths to inspire new generations of readers.  

Question 5

Over the years what is the most interesting feedback you have received from a fan?

Though admittedly, I’ve only been a published author for little more than two years, there happened to have been one particular Amazon reviewer who recently compared the narrative of my previous novel, Twilight’s Last Glory, to “a futuristic reshaping of the classic ‘Emperor and the Nightingale’”, which I found to be quite a fascinating and insightful comparison. 

Question 6

Let’s change it up a bit, you write a lot of fantasy, so if you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

Forgive me, for this may not appear to be the answer you would have expected. But, if ever again honored with the opportunity to speak with you, it is my hope, by then, I should discover a superpower allowing for the perfect and quotable answers to magically appear.