Intimate Practices to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Partner

Whether it’s working long stressful hours, dealing with the strain of daily life or simply the passion fizzling out in the bedroom, there are many things which can contribute to the lack of fire in a relationship.

If you’re looking for ways to improve and strengthen the bond you have with your partner, tantra could be the perfect solution. Tantric practices for couples are extremely intimate, boasting benefits for your health, wellness and relationship.

Let’s take a look at some tantric exercises for couples and how tantra for intimacy can enhance your love life.

Strengthen your connection 

While Tantra is a sexual act, it’s actually an ancient practice whose meaning comes from the interweaving of energy. In other words, tantric sex for couples creates an intimate connection, engaging you in a spiritual and meditative practice with your partner.

How to build Tantra into your relationship

Tantra for couples is relatively straightforward to build into your relationship. When it comes to starting tantric practices for couples, consider the following:

  •         Talk to your partner – explain what you like about your sex life and what you want to work on. Listen carefully to how they respond.
  •         Use the guidance of a teacher – it’s fun to practice tantra for intimacy but if you need some guidance along the way, seek out the help of a professional.
  •         Prepare mentally – tantra for couples fuses the connection with the mind, body and soul. Spending 10 minutes before tantra to prepare mentally can help you to get into the zone with               your partner.
  •         Prepare your space – create a chilled, romantic ambience by lighting a few candles or dimming the lighting, throw a comfortable blanket and cushions on the floor and add some flowers          or incense to enhance the ambience.
  •         Foreplay – take a shower together to get in the mood for tantra. You can also kiss, touch each other softly and look into each other’s eyes before practice.
  •         Get close – cuddle or lie together to begin nurturing a deeper connection. Focus on breathing together in sync to create energy between you.
  •         Dedicate time – make sure you both go into the session knowing what to expect. Tantric exercises for couples don’t need to build up to sex. Just immerse yourself in the setting and be              open to the possibilities of creating a meaningful connection.

10 intimate practices to help you bond with your partner

Want to get started with tantric practices for couples? Take a look at these 10 intimate practices to give you inspiration.

1. Hand on heart

This is a highly effective technique for boosting intimacy and it couldn’t be easier.

How to do it: Sit facing your partner with your legs crossed. Put your right hand over their heart and vice-versa. Shut your eyes and focus on the rhythm of their heartbeat. Allow an emotional connection to grow between you.

2.  Yab-Yum

Also known as the lotus, this technique focuses on forming a connection with your partner.

How to do it: Your partner sits cross-legged while you sit on the top of his thighs with your ankles crossed behind his back. Look into each other’s eyes and breathe in harmony.

3. Relaxed Arch

Try this tantric yoga for couples technique to enhance intimacy and spiritual connection.

How to do it: Ask your partner to sit on the floor, legs straight. Sit with your knees on their lap and start to arch your back. See if you can arch your back so that your head is between their legs. Grab hold of their ankles to steady yourself.

4. Spoon

Classic spooning is an easy but effective technique to start tantric sex for couples.

How to do it: Simply lie in front or behind of your partner in a spooning position. Try to focus so that your breathing is in sync with each other. Use gentle caressing touches to boost intimacy.

5. Eye-gazing

A simple tantra technique to get you in the mood.

How to do it: This is similar to the hand on heart technique, except that you simply gaze into each other’s eyes without touch. You can also do this by yourself with a mirror. It may seem unnatural at first but it’s an effective technique for deepening self-love and opening your heart.

6. Kiss

Kissing during tantra is all about engaging your senses.

How to do it: Start by keeping your eyes open when you kiss. Focus on how they look, what they smell like, how they feel and how they touch you. Listen to the sounds you both make.

7. Tantric massage

Massage is a powerful aspect of tantra, not only just for creating stimulation but for increasing intimacy.

How to do it: Ask your partner to lie back and move your hands all over their body using gentle touches. Take your time. Pay attention to the nipples and genital area.

8. Swing of fire

This is similar to the lotus, except you’re going to create a ‘swing’ of energy.

How to do it: Sit on top of your partner so that you’re facing each other. Start by building up a swinging motion, rocking backwards and forwards. Synchronise your breathing, sending and receiving the sexual energy you create.

9. Slow penetration

While tantric sex for couples doesn’t necessarily mean penetrative sex, it’s still ok to do so.

How to do it: Take penetration slowly. Remember to continue focusing on sensations and breathing. Conscious penetration helps you to become aware of your inner self, as well as building a connection with your partner.

10. To the edge and back

Climax isn’t the overall goal for tantra but be open to every possibility.

How to do it: Try tantric massage of the genitals but see if you can take your partner to the edge of climax and back again. This can be a wonderful experience for building intimacy.

Bonding benefits for body and mind

Tantric sex for couples offers many wonderful benefits, including:

  • Improvements in your relationship
  • Lower stress levels, anxiety and depression
  • Improved understanding of yourself
  • Enhanced sleep pattern
  • More confidence in the bedroom
  • Helps to awaken your spiritual side
  • Overcome issues with sex and intimacy

Consider Using A Tantra Specialist 

Now you know more about Tantra practices for couples, why not consider using a trained specialist to lend her guidance. Karma Tantric offers the very best Tantric experts in London to help you get started. Check out their services now to find out more.

 About the author

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon is a sex therapist and expert on everything related to tantra, tantric sex, and tantric massage. She is the editor at Karma Tantric, London’s premier tantric massage agency and writes about how tantra can help men, women, and couples improve their sex lives.