Is Bingo Online Just Luck?

Bingo can easily be considered a play of luck, but when it comes to expert casino gaming, skills and strategies are put into action to enhance the results. A strategy also comes in handy when you want to improve your winning odds against other players at bingo. Hence, it is never wise to restrict bingo to the luck category and not try your skills – play Fishing Frenzy slots.

Here, we will review the best bingo strategies you can use, along with some helpful bingo-playing tips to complement your luck in the game.

Best Bingo Strategies to Consider

This matter is rather simple as only two strategies have proven to be successful in boosting your odds towards winning at bingo; they are as follows:

  1. Granville Strategy: This strategy takes the randomness of bingo calls into consideration and leads you to build your game around it. It involves having a diverse set of bingo cards with as many numbers as possible so that you have more winning probabilities at your disposal. Although there is no guarantee of having the most desired numbers, this strategy gives you the confidence to keep trying.
  2. Tippett Strategy: This one focuses on the length of the bingo session in relation to reaching the median number. It suggests that if a bingo session continues for a long time, there is a high probability of median numbers being called out. This mode of bingo gameplay is, however, not suitable for online sessions as it can turn really costly to keep the game running online.

How to Play Online Bingo Smartly

The following set of tips will help you do that:

  1.  Casinos keep offering ‘buy one get two/three cards free’ offers occasionally. Try availing of these perks as often as you can to boost your winning chances.
  2. Consider the different categories under Bingo as each of those has its own advantages for players. These categories include 1TG/2TG bingo games, Fixed or Even Odds bingo games, and Chat Games. Most of these are free to play and ensure fair and rewarding opportunities for everyone.
  3. Prefer playing in less-crowded bingo rooms. You can expect to have one at quieter times of the day or mid-week. By doing so, you reduce your risk and enhance your chance of calling out bingo successfully.
  4. Offers with reduced prices or Penny Bingo come in handy when you wish to play more cards but have a budget to maintain. Look out for such offers and grab them as they come because they allow you to buy more cards for your bingo without exhausting your bankroll.


Bingo can be explored as a combo of luck and strategy and can be mastered with a balance of these two factors. For staying on top of the strategic side of things, make sure you familiarise yourself with all the bingo-related promotions, bingo variations and other relevant details before playing your cards. Use your skills wisely and leave the rest to your luck; it will play its charm as the game will unfold.