Is Graduate Certificate Higher Than Degree?

Students preparing for their higher education often face the dilemma of pursuing a graduate certificate or degree. They are perplexed between the differences or similarity between the two and are unable to pick the right choice. Technically, a graduate certificate is a higher education equal in level to a bachelor’s degree. It only differs in time duration as it takes much less- often one or two-thirds of an academic year. This makes it a feasible option for many who are eager to pursue a full-fledged professional career. 

Attaining a master degree is a huge accomplishment but it requires dedicating many years to studies. The coursework is specifically designed to give students a deeper understanding of a particular specialisation. Hence, covering the syllabus can get cumbersome at times plus it leaves little room to explore other things or apply those skills to real-life situations. 

A graduate certificate, on the other hand, offers area-specific skills and knowledge that is covered in a shorter duration. The certificate holds relevance in the business world and can be beneficial in multiple job roles. These courses are designed to meet additional requirements of professional and add to their expertise. A graduate certificate is rich in theory with a vast emphasis on specialized training. They tend to be more focused on industry and profile role. Such programs are becoming increasingly popular in the current times as there is a dire need for proficient experts in the dynamic corporate landscape. 

Some brilliant reasons why you should consider a graduate certificate are: 

A good platform– If you are considering entering a field then this short term certificate can help you kick-start your career at the earliest. For example, if you are good with numbers and have an analytical bend of mind then you can complete the course with a certificate in finance and immediately join a corporate house. You don’t have to slog for years to earn the right qualification and then spend more time looking for a job. 

Increase in salary– Money is always a strong factor that motivates us to earn any degree and a graduate certificate will not disappoint in that matter. A report by Forbes states that nearly 13 to 25 per cent increase in salary takes place after the completion of this course. Enjoying such immediate returns in a short period is a great booster for professionals.  

Job security– Candidates with advanced education make for more desirable employees and are often considered for promotions as well. Hence, it becomes imperative that one stays relevant in their industry and continuously upgrades their knowledge and expertise. A graduate certificate is useful in getting this mandatory training and ensuring that one enjoys long term success in a relatively shorter time. 

Graduation certificate and degree both have their importance in the education sector but the former one is fast gaining traction due to its multiple benefits and soon becoming a choice of students across the globe.