Is It True- AR Is Redefining The Fashion Industry

We all love to do shopping, after all, who doesn’t like to buy well-known brands at an affordable price. Moreover, online shopping is like a paradise for all those who usually don’t move out of their houses just for shopping. Apart from that, online shopping offers great deals and discounts to everyone.

These are just a few of the benefits of online shopping. But to make shopping experience all the more engaging and enchanting, technology is taking a step forward and taking all the charge. Meanwhile, in the background, fashion-based mobile applications are taking the backend job and controlling all the things at once. According to Statista, it is estimated that the AR market will increase from roughly 3.5 billion to more than 198 billion U.S. dollars. And the data is enough to show the popularity and impact of AR technology.

Meanwhile, in order to make your shopping experience way more better, Augmented Reality is also coming up and getting integrating with the mobile application. For engaging more number of users along with making their shopping experience all the more better, businesses are choosing AR.

But, for integrating AR in the mobile application, it is important to choose the most reliable mobile app development company so that they can effectively develop an app accordingly.

Let’s figure out how AR is actually redefining the fashion industry, as many well-known brands like GAP, Nike, Sephora, etc have already adopted the AR concept. Now, it’s high time, even for us to understand how it is affecting the industry.

Try Try Try

Technology is certainly a way that intelligently fades the importance of the traditional system and ranks more. Similar is the story of mobile-based applications. When buying online, the headache of returning products is still active in case if clothes don’t fit well, or if someone is having an issue with the cloth material, quality, color, etc.

This is the reason, to reduce the pain of returning products along with making the shopping experience easy, AR filters help customers. AR filters help in visualizing the product when someone buys the products.

There are various mobile apps that are offering the same. Converse, Lacoste, has already enabled its customers to try on a pair of shoes by simply pointing their phone camera at their leg. Hence, if you are also planning to develop an AR-based application for your brand, make sure to choose the reliable mobile app development agency.

But always remember, as the concept of AR is a bit more advanced and technical, there are chances of incurring more cost while the development of an application. Prioritize to know how much it cost to develop an app in order to organize your budget accordingly.


There is no denial of the fact that retail businesses are getting enormous challenges in the market. This is the reason, sometimes, things become quite expensive and sometimes less attractive as compared to the price of the product.

Not just that, most of the time, people tend to route their way towards online shopping because they want good quality products along with availing huge discounts. There is another reason for routing the way towards online shopping is the scope of skipping over-crowded markets and messy shopping malls.

Therefore, businesses and startups can take advantage of the AR-based app in order to attract more customers. ZARA, one of the known brands is also impressing audiences with its AR-based feature. Timberland is another example of the list, GUCCI, on the other hand, enabled customers to view scannable ads with interactive campaigns.

Moreover, AR is defining the way to try products in different colors, different size by looking at its smart mirror-like feature. Hence, if you are a business owner or a startup, integrating AR while developing the app will let you enjoy great user engagement along with cherishing the success of the brand.

In short, it seems that AR for the fashion industry is bringing a wave of revolutionized shopping experience to the users around the globe. And mobile applications are like the gateway towards the world of better shopping experience.

Hence, the fashion industry is required to design an effective marketing strategy along with building a great mobile application. Collaboration with online platforms like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Instagram along with hiring the most acknowledged mobile app building company can help you gain many things at once.