Friday, October 7 , 2022

Is Tooth Decay Dangerous

tooth decay

Findings from different sources have shown that a third of the world’s population that is about 2.5 billion people suffer from tooth decay. Most of them have the condition in its early stages and know nothing about it. You don’t have to wait for the disease to develop or deteriorate to take the appropriate measures. Tooth decay can be prevented and treated. Fluoride varnish procedure is one of the most preferred methods of preventing dental decay because it leaves your teeth stronger.

You can also undergo scaling, which involves the removal of calculus, a major contributor to tooth decay. Polishing is a procedure that is usually conducted after scaling. It is meant to eliminate tough stains from your teeth and leave the enamel smooth. Prophy paste is a type of coarse mixture commonly used for polishing.

Tooth decay comes about when plaque forms on your teeth. This is a hard, sticky film that is usually yellowish-white in appearance and forms when you fail to observe the right oral hygiene practices. It cannot be removed through regular brushing. Plaque harbors bacteria responsible for causing tooth decay.  They do this by digesting sugar from starchy foods and sugary beverages you consume to produce an acid that weakens your enamel. Tooth decay is a dangerous condition that should be treated very fast.

Dangers of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can expose your body to several risks if not treated fast. Here are some of the dangers of tooth decay you are likely to experience. 

Cavities Formation

Tooth decay is a progressive condition, and it can lead to the formation of cavities if it goes untreated. These are holes or cracks that may start forming on the enamel and cusps of your teeth. They grow with time and go deeper into your gums. It is one of the dangers you are likely to experience when you develop tooth decay.

Tooth Loss

 You are also likely to lose your tooth as a result of dental decay. It is a condition that progresses with time and may lead to severe damage of your tooth if untreated. Certain stages of the condition are irreversible, and you may not have any other option but to undergo extraction. The good thing is that you can get permanent or temporary replacements after removal as it’s easy to find a dentist who specializes in dental implants in Boston MA or any other city in the US.

Gum Disease

It is the other condition you are more likely to experience if you develop tooth decay. Failure to take quick measures may make the situation escalate, and this will go deeper into your gums. Your gums will swell and become super sensitive. Bleeding gums is a common thing in those who have tooth decay.

Severe Toothache

One of the worst pains you can experience has to be from a toothache. This type of pain gives you sleepless nights, and you will not be able to carry out a wide range of activities as usual. Toothache mostly comes about as a result of dental decay which goes untreated. It can develop deeper into your gums and roots to subject you to this kind of pain.

Unwanted Expenses

You will incur a lot of expenses in the future if you fail to treat tooth decay in its early stages. It is a progressive disease that worsens with time. You may be forced to undergo different procedures in the future that require you to spend much of your money. Treat the condition in its early stages to avoid experiencing such.

Difficulties in Eating

Simple practices like eating can become somewhat difficult because of tooth decay. This is because of the kind of pain you will be exposed to when you develop the condition. Eating certain foods can be difficult because of sensitivity, and this poses several dangers to your general health.

Lack of Sleep

Tooth decay can also deny you the quality sleep you need at night. The kind of pain you experience keeps you awake throughout the night. This can affect your concentration in other activities like work or school, and you will become less productive. You will find yourself spending more days out of work or school to deal with the condition.

What to Do If You Develop Tooth Decay

You should take immediate measures to treat your condition when you develop tooth decay. Here is what you should do. 

Visit a Dentist

Schedule a dental visit immediately you start noticing any signs of dental decay. Through such visits, your teeth will be examined and proper measures are taken to reverse your condition or prevent it from deteriorating further. Dentists have the right equipment to examine your teeth and can help you know the state of your dental decay, no matter what stage you are in. They also have the right tools to perform procedures such as deep cleaning to get rid of calculus responsible for dental decay. Look for a wonderful dental clinic to get the best treatment.

Brush Your Teeth

It is another practice that can help you deal with tooth decay. You should first undergo deep cleaning before you start following a strict oral hygiene routine. Make brushing a habit to keep your teeth free from the condition. You can do this after every meal or twice a day. Look for the best toothbrush that is gentle on your teeth and gums. The toothpaste you use should also be of the right quality. Flossing is another similar procedure that can help keep your teeth in good shape and prevent further decay. This mostly focuses on the spaces between your teeth where you cannot reach using your regular toothbrush. Do this at least twice a week and look for the best mouth rinses that will help you deal with tooth decay.

Keep Off Starch

You can stay off starch or reduce the amount you consume. This and other sugary foods or beverages play a role in promoting tooth decay. The acid produces when they undergo chemical decomposition after coming into contact with bacteria causes tooth decay. You should seek alternatives like vitamins or minerals that will help you deal with dental caries and keep your gums healthy.

More Fluoridated Water

Water contains certain levels of fluoride, essential for keeping your teeth healthy. This can help you deal with tooth decay. Fluoride in water is necessary for the remineralization process. It leaves your teeth stronger and fights off dental decay. You should drink more water to stay in the perfect state of dental health. Certain fluoride supplements can also play a role in improving your state.

Avoid Smoking

Cigarette smokers who develop tooth decay are at high risk of experiencing more effects of the condition if they keep smoking. This is because tar from tobacco in most cigarettes stains the teeth, leaving them weak. Smoking also leaves you with a dry mouth, and this increases the chances of tooth decay escalating. You should avoid cigarette smoking at all costs and seek further treatment for your dental decay. 

Fluoride Varnish

It is a form of high concentration fluoride widely used to treat and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride varnish can be applied professionally by a dentist, or you can do the same by yourself. This product works in several ways to treat and prevent tooth decay. One is that it will strengthen your teeth by adding extra minerals. The chances of your enamel becoming weak and getting exposed to tooth decay are very minimal when you use the product. The other thing it does is prevent bacteria metabolism. This stops the production of acid that wears out your enamel. Using it will keep bacteria off your teeth. You should try it out to treat or prevent tooth decay.

Understanding all the dangers associated with tooth decay helps you to take proper measures that keep you free from the condition. You should always monitor your teeth to stay free from decay and other dental diseases.