ITQAN Corporate Services

ITQAN Corporate Services – Supporting Investors and Companies through Business Setup, Renewal, and Banking Services

Dubai has become an international business hub in the past few decades due to its strategic location offering access to the Middle East and the open trade policies introduced by the government. Dubai is home to some of the most prominent brands and businesses globally due to its location and the significant influx of tourists annually. Dubai’s strategic location is among the primary reasons for the city’s popularity among investors and entrepreneurs apart from tourists. Businesses can access numerous Middle Eastern, Asian, and European markets through Dubai and the United Arab Emirates due to the trade flows running across the region. Several other factors make Dubai an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors, including policy stability, a booming economy, a tax-free environment, and excellent infrastructure. Access to multiple markets and thousands of consumers and clients is a prominent motive for many entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations to set up a new company or branch in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Although Dubai is one of the most attractive locations for starting a business due to the thriving economy and market, setting up a company in the city is also challenging. Some significant challenges of setting up a company in Dubai include company ownership, local partner or sponsors, acquiring funds, value-added tax applicability, linguistic issues, social or cultural obstacles, and registration or work permits. Startups and entrepreneurs from foreign countries typically do not have sufficient knowledge and experience in dealing with local authorities in Dubai. Most entrepreneurs and investors are unaware of the local regulations and laws regarding setting up businesses. Many are also unaware of the prerequisites, documentation, and registration requirements for setting up a business in Dubai. The linguistic and cultural barriers prevent many foreign investors from interacting effectively with local authorities to understand regulatory requirements. The significant challenges in setting up a business in Dubai increase the necessity of consultancy companies like ITQAN Corporate Services to help investors set up businesses in Dubai.

ITQAN is a Dubai-based consultancy firm offering consultancy and business solutions to entrepreneurs and investors to set up and develop companies in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed founded the company and became its CEO in 2012 after recognizing a significant need for experienced professionals and companies helping startups and entrepreneurs establish their businesses in Dubai. Ahmed, an entrepreneur himself, realized that starting and operating a business in the United Arab Emirates was challenging for investors and entrepreneurs, especially people from foreign countries, due to linguistic, cultural, and regulatory differences. Ahmed established ITQAN Corporate Services to help local and foreign individuals and companies develop and operate businesses in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. The business consultancy firm offers consultancy, business solutions, and advice on successfully setting up and running a business in Dubai. The company provides numerous services and business solutions revolving around establishing and running businesses in the UAE.

Although ITQAN provides several business solutions and consultancy to investors and entrepreneurs, incorporation, renewal, and banking services are the company’s primary focus. Incorporation and business setup is the core service provided by ITQAN for helping investors and entrepreneurs establish their businesses in Dubai and the UAE. The company offers support in all phases of business setup, from company structure selection to funding requirements and local sponsorship to registration with various government agencies. ITQAN assists individuals and companies with registration and setup processes by helping with visas, documentation, licenses, and registration. The company’s experienced business consultants also help with license renewal from various agencies and trade organizations while offering help in changing the business structure. ITQAN’s business consultants also help clients develop operational, marketing, and financial plans according to local market conditions, using their experience in local markets. ITQAN also offers banking services where business consultants help investors and companies open their bank accounts by fulfilling all legal and regulatory requirements.

ITQAN is a comprehensive consultancy firm offering business setup and renewal services to a large client base, from individual investors or entrepreneurs to startups, established corporations, and companies requiring industrial establishment. Dubai is a world trade hub due to its strategic location and business-friendly policies. Many companies are flocking to Dubai to capitalize on the high trade and tourism flows. However, most cannot establish a business due to lacking experience and expertise with local regulations, laws, customs, and language. Companies like ITQAN offer consultancy and support through experienced business consultants for establishing a business in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates. The consultancy firm supports companies and investors through business setup, renewal, and banking services to develop and maintain a strong presence in the local market.