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Keanu Reeves Gets Temporarily Ordained In Tibetan Himalayas


“Focus on the now and you will never have to rush anything. Too many people don’t realize the power of the present time by spending it everywhere but in the present moment.”. Sounds perfectly Buddist right ?

Keanu Charles Reeves, well known and highly respected Canadian actor best known for his acting in the movie Matrix has got himself temporarily ordained in Himalayas.

For the requirements of the Little Buddha shoot, in 1993, Keanu Reeves traveled to Nepal. There he discovered a lot of things about spirituality which have enabled him to understand the laws of happiness. Keanu has also discussed certain life principals that he was taught during his stay in the Himalayas 13 years ago has admitted to media, although they were difficult to implement he’d want to visit Himalaya’s once more to study them better.

Few days prior to his departure for ordination in tibet, Keanu has called his sister kim Reeves over and has handed everything to her including the details of his charities so she could continue what he was doing if he ever decided to prolonged his stay in Himalayas.


According to his Facebook page, the actor will spend minimum three months in Labrang monastry in Lamdo. Keanu stint as a monk will be temporary for now, as is common to many westerners come there to get ordained. Keanu has not yet spoken publicly about his decision to become a monk, but a facebook note that says he would be doing so.

Keanu’s philosophy of life has always been in line with Buddhist philosophy. Everything he said was more or less the teachings of Buddha one way or the other. What is most important is that how he overcame all the obstacles in life that may have crippled anyone else fro good.

Keanu became world famous for his acting in the Movie Matrix 17 years ago that resulted movie setting a box offfice record by earing massive 463 Mn Dollars. Although most of the movies he acted had happy endings, his life wasn’t so until a few years ago when he met a Lama in New York.

50 years old, Keanu has gone through tragedies that no one is likely to associate with a movie star of his caliber. Irrespective of everything he kept struggling through and came out better every day passed with changes to his lifestyle that inspired everyone around him.

Keanu’s father abandoned his family when he was just 4 years old. He had to go through such a trauma when he was in school and intimately he left school without any qualification behind his name.

Keanu’s wife Jennifer Syme was pregnant but their child died without seeing light of this world. Both were devastated and that ultimately lead to their breakup. To make things worst Jennifer died 18 months later form a car accident.


Despite everything he kept pushing further and further starring in many blockbusters that made him one of the wealthiest in Hollywood. Only difference was that he would not act a wealthy man in real life. He looked at his wealth differently. He is believed to be the man donating most to the charities among Hollywood actors. Reeves has given $80 mn of his $114 mn earnings to the supprting staff of the film Matrix alone. This is in addition to a 20,000 dollar bonus he gave to a movie set staff who was struggling to make a living at the time.

He once said to the “Hello” Magazine, “Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.”. The least you expect form a Hollywood movie star, politician or a famous businessmen.

Even today he rides the subway knowing he’s worth more than 100mn easily.

From lately he was posting various messages on his social media pages that looks more Buddhist teachings than anything else. For instance he recently posted, “I have learned to meditate and I feel free from every attachment”

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