Keep The Wedding Fashionable With The Right Lace Wedding Dress

Who would want to look bad on their wedding day? Nobody! Every bride wants to appear exquisite and sophisticated during the most important day of her life. Hence, wearing the right wedding dress is imperative. Finding a fashion-forward dress can be challenging and taxing at the same time. With so many choices, the bride will surely scratch her head whenever she browses through magazines or websites. However, filtering the options according to her taste, will cut the selection process shorter.

Tea-length dress

Most brides prefer long gowns. But in today’s modern fashion era, anybody can be adventurous with their choices. Opting for a short lace wedding dress can be an excellent option to stay away from the traditional style. For someone who hates to wear a dress that sweeps the floor, tea-length is the appropriate design. Couturiers can turn something simple into extravagant when they add embellishments and minimal prints on them. Through these add-ons, the pattern offsets the short length of the gown.

Strapless dress

Strapless has always been the go-to style of anyone who wants a classic gown. To prevent it from looking dull, use a unique fabric like silk or lace to make a difference to the aesthetic value. Accessorizing it with intricate jewelry will add a twist to the bride’s appearance. The dress’s shape also matters; a figure-hugging with a bit of a drape from the waist will make it more stylish. A strapless gown with beaded bodice can be an alternative if the bride prefers sophistication over simplicity.

Off-shoulder dress

When the bride is a bit conscious of showing too much skin, an off-shoulder lace wedding dress will do the trick. It keeps the body-baring to a minimum but does not appear to have too much coverage as well. The crisscross pattern from the bodice and the embellishment will focus on the beadworks instead of the bare shoulders. Some brides will go for a one-shoulder design to make it chic and then play around with the width and material of the strap to accentuate the look.

Dress with sleeves

For a more conservative look, go for dresses with sleeves. Designers can draw up dresses with unique sleeve designs that exude elegance to the bride’s appearance. Depending on the sleeves’ length, using a fabric different from the one on the bodice can be trendy. Some brides want to balance their dress’s conservativeness, opting for special fabric or beads, just to keep it interesting.

On the other hand, wearing a hand-me-down vintage lace wedding dress with sleeves is common, especially for brides who want to be practical. Designers can still convert it to something eccentric by changing it to floral sleeves to alter its entire look. Another option is to cut the full-length sleeves into three-quarter length. It will still preserve its exquisiteness because the lace material itself doesn’t cheapen the gown.

Wearing lace boleros is ideal for brides who want a minimal change on their look during the reception. It is more practical and efficient to use boleros than changing to a new dress. Sheer and shimmery bodice designs are perfect to go with the boleros when the brides take them off, the dress is still stylish. Long lacy shawls are ideal for replacing boleros. They resemble sleeves and can extend to a trail.

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