Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

Keeping Your Phone In Your Pocket? Stop It Now – The Consequences Could Be Deadly



Cell phones have become indispensable “tools” of the modern man, and without them, life would simply be unthinkable to many, but doctors from the Russian organization “League of the nation’s health” warn that these devices can be dangerous to the our nervous system.

“The primarily target is the nervous system, but the endocrine and reproductive system are also targets” Nikolai Kononov, vice president of the organization “League of the nation’s health”.

The danger lies in the fact that the biological effect of electromagnetic fields is to form delayed effects, including development of degenerative processes of the central nervous system, leukemia, brain cancer, and hormonal disorders.

Electromagnetic waves are particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women in an advanced stage of pregnancy, which is why expectant mothers are advised to shorten conversations their cell phones as much as possible.

“We certainly don’t forbid the use of cell phones, but encourage reasonable caution, because 70% of the total population receives electromagnetic radiation from their cell phones. Numerous studies have show that the human body responds to this radiation, and although these reactions have not yet been fully studied, no one disputes that the use of mobile phones requires caution”, says Kononov.

Experts from “League of the nation’s health”, say it’s better to have 5 conversations lasting 1 minute, than having 1 conversation lasting 5 minutes. They also say that the interval between each call should be at least 15 minutes.

The also remind us that the level of electromagnetic radiation decreases with distance, which is why they recommend using the “hands free” plug-in. Experts also advise, to put our cell phones against our ears, once the connection has been made. They also recommended we keep them away from our vital organs, and keep them in our backpacks or bags, but not our pockets.